Naim nat 01 tuner

Hi guy’s i also own a nat 01 tuner and like to as you guy’s a question my display glass worked lose so remove the sleeve to bond it back which went well so my question is i notice a few strange thing’s when it was open and someone said it might be a prototype tuner could this be true?? as i been searching the web for picture’s but none look the same inside and notice that the inner sledge is same as used by the pre amp’s as it has all the holes of a pre but a naim plate cover on the phono input

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Does it have a serial number at all?

Could you post some pictures here?


there just a cover over the phono input hole’s on back will try to do picture

here a pics Richard

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still no one able to answer or offer any info??

It does look rather like a pre-amp sled (NAC42/62) has been used here. It could possibly be a prototype or a pre-production unit. Perhaps @NeilS has come across one before, or knows the story here.

I also wonder whether it could have been a staff build. Back in those days Shirley was rather strict on what case parts could be used (or not). For staff build they had to be what she referred to as “bish stock”, i.e. not good enough for normal production. I wonder whether someone got impatient waiting on a “bish” NAT01 sled and so machined a reject pre-amp sled to make do.

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i’m 100% sure it’s a pre-amp sled which seem strange when i saw it plus the main board is bare copper where all other i’v seen have the green solder mask i have owned staff built pre-amps etc in the past and they were normal looking but had no serial number or a section cut off the sticker on the back etc

Yes, now you mention it the main board doesn’t look very production-like to me.

Interesting to see. Thanks for posting. Out of interest have you looked at the internals of the accompanying PS ?

hi james yes i did which looks like a 4 way psu

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sorry it a 5 way 4 x dc & 1 x ac outputs

It definitely looks like a prototype, the head unit appears to be in a 42 chassis & the PST in a 110. The main board in the 01 looks like it was probably etched in-house, also note the DIL carriers & hand fabricated panel behind the display.
Funnily enough, we had something similar come in for service recently. That one had the PST built into a Naxo chassis (from memory) & had been heavily modified outside of the factory.
Incidently, the AC supply is for the VFD.



Whatever it is, it’s wicked cool.

i agree it a great tuner great sounding but since moving to new place 3yr ago i never got around to having a new aerial fitted which & these do need a good one to work at there best plus even giving it in working order think it is due for a service which when you add a new aerial ??? maybe next year the good thing is naim audio is just down the road from me

My NAT-01 is in Salisbury being fixed at the moment, or may (I hope) even be on its way back to Audio T. The tuner wasn’t locking on to the station (usually Radio 3), or - sometimes - not even tuning at all, which is a bit of an existential problem for a tuner.

Do Naim keep large numbers of the tuning head (which I understand is the important bit) in stock, or might a shortage similar to that with the CD players arise?

Hi Neil thanks for the info found it very interesting being a naim user for over 35yrs still remember one of my first naim system was 42.5 with 2 x nap 110 running in single mono channel connected to ibl speakers that was one of the best i heard and still have that nac 42.5 with a nap 90 on my pc all 3 of my systems are CB but as for tuner i like to ask as this is a prototype and not a production model can it still be serviced as i expect a lot of parts for these are not available these day’s

Hi graham i could be wrong but i did read once that older 01 tuner head and display was no longer available only wish i went for the led display upgrade but never mind lucky for me mine still seem to work ok if a bit elderly hehe like me but think my display a little dimmer then it used to be but it a great tuner & hope naim will sort yours out for many more years of enjoyment

Now you’re in danger of scaring the living whatsits out of me, Paul. My two ailing components are a CDS II and NAT-01.

The tuner has been back to Naim (and may still be there) and the CDS II will be going there as soon as I can get it organised.

I am reasonably hopeful that all will be back, as good as new, fairly soon.