Naim NDX 2 unboxing and request for advice

UPS arrived today with a large brown box:

Which contained a slightly smaller box with…

A new Naim NDX 2!!!

£4,999 gets you some batteries for your remote, but no manual:

The power plug on the back is loose! oh wait, that’s a feature:

All hooked up and playing loveliness directly into my NAP 300 DR:

But there’s a problem, and I need advice, please look at the setup:

See the bottom shelf? It’s empty!

What do I put in it? Could do a power supply… but I think maybe I should listen for once in my life and do a preamp. But which one?

Here’s my twisted logic: I wanted a top flight Naim/Focal setup from the moment I was corrupted by the denizens of various high-end shows and this forum. I did not want to buy, then sell to upgrade, then sell again to upgrade, and so on several times. So I figured I’d cut corners and start with the 300 DR, then add the 372 when it came out, then the power supply. But I got tired of waiting, so I added the NDX 2. Now I can rest here for a bit, or bite the bullet and add the preamp at the same time hoping my wife won’t notice the extra box…


  1. Wait, be patient, add a new 282 or 252 preamp next year.
  2. Used NAC 82 (remote control is a must - by the way, will the NDX 2 remote work with a NAC 82 using System Automation?)
  3. Used NAC 282
  4. Used NAC 52
  5. Used NAC 252

I know each step is supposed to be better than the last, but I’m wondering about fit within my system and bang for the buck versus diminishing returns. I also know I should audition, but that’s not an option in rural Indiana.

Advice welcome! And thank you in advance,

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I hate to burst your bubble but you’ll need 2 shelves for any of your preamp suggestions so I’m afraid your wife may well notice.



System automation will not work with a NAC82 you will need a 282 or a 252 for that to work.

Regarding pre amp choice I would suggest a dealer demo.

Not sure you really want to advertise the fact you have such expensive Hi-Fi equipment in the same post that includes a picture showing your address.



Well, the NDX could move to the top shelf, the 300 down, and that would open two shelves… Must be a sign :grinning:

Don’t I feel silly. Thanks.

So used, but which one?

252 & Supercap (preferably DR) will give you a very impressive system and should be the perfect preamp to get the most out of your NDX2. Have fun!

Perizoque, How does the NDX2 sound into the nap300?

The so called user manual is on the Naim website, it’s a FAQ based system, not very good imo. I have a similar system, with a 252, sounds very good imo.

Pedro, I suggest the 252, being thats the “natural” partner, but that will also need a Supercap, a used combo from a reliable dealer (if available in USA), skip the 282 option. Then, to spend more of your hard earned money, a power supply for the NDX2 - it never stops :grinning:


Freaking awesome. Better than the Classé Sigma SSP Mk II that preceded it. But a little inconsistent. Some of what I listen to is staggering, some sounds restrained, far away. Maybe it needs to warm up, though I don’t understand how that would affect a DAC. Maybe it needs a preamp… thus my second guessing my earlier stance.

Let’s try this new polling feature…

  • Wait, be patient, add a new 282 or 252 preamp next year.
  • Used NAC 82
  • Used NAC 282
  • Used NAC 52
  • Used NAC 252

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Buy a used / demo 252 - Supercap 2dr when funds allow or maybe find a dealer that offers 0 % financing and buy it.
You will be sooo happy you did !!!


Thank you perizoqui I shall be watching to see how your story goes. I am in a similar position in that I jumped for a nap300 and now looking for a front end, but not at any price. I have considered a 72 or a 82 and the easy answer of the well healed of this form might well say “get a 252” but that is going to be one very expensive volume controlled buffer and too greater price for me.

Again thank you for your feed back, i look forward to your outcome. In the mean time I will have to set up my own dealer demo when I can justify the cost of the purchase, but it isn’t going to extend to a NDX2 and a 252 + PSU

How does the NDX2 straight into the 300 work? How is it connected? Our glorious leader (RD) repeatedly stresses the need for the pre-amp to be part of the amplifier ‘whole’.

Hi Gavin, I run my Superuniti into a 300. The SU has a 4 pin din and phono out, either can be connected to the 300 xlr inputs. You can make up your own cables to achieve this or some independent HiFi cable manufacturers will make up cables to do the job. What this arrangement doesn’t do is route cables via a dedicated Naim power supply intended to feed the naim preferred arrangement of a pre amp inbetween. I understand this is in part designed to optimise the star earth arrangement. As my system has the pre amp integrated into the SU I’m not sure what the benefit of the naim way would be, but I do intend to try a few more combinations out this year with my dealer.

Sorry @Roog, my query was aimed at the OP @perizoqui who doesn’t seem to have any form of pre-amp.

Indeed Gavin, but I believe the principles still apply, whilst it may not be optimal from Naim’s perspective. I understand that the NDX2 has a low impedance line level output which can be configured to be variable in order to comply with some apple protocol

Flashback sells: “Naim Style RCA Plugs 3 Pin Male XLR” cables. I already had these to feed my 300 from the RCA output on my Classé, now I use them to the RCA output on the NDX 2.