Naim NDX 2 vs Lumin T2

Hi all, Hope everyone is making good use of time at home listening to lots of music…
I currently have a Supernait 2 with hicap and Lumin T2. I’ve had the T2 prior to getting the Supernait 2 and love it. My question is only based on the topic of Synergy everyone talks about with all Naim products vs mix and match. My guess is that to improve my setup would be to reach up to the NDX 2 unless I’m told that going to the ND5 XS 2 is going to improve any, if at all, over the T2.

Any thoughts welcome…

The best proof is to loan one from a dealer and evaluate it in your own listening environment.
I have no personal experience of your current hardware but have owned all the Supernaits,
both ND5’s and an NDX2.
It’ll come down mostly to budget but I’d expect you’d find the best setup to
be based on an NDX2 when paired with a Supernait 2. If you can try an ND5 XS2 you may find it does all you need for less money but compared to what you already have you may find it lacking.

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Indeed sinergy is a Key element and only by doing some auditions you can sort it out.
However, one important element ( for me) is aesthetics and by choosing an all Naim system you also get a coerent design… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You are in the best position for trying out the NDX2 as a potential replacement for your Lumin T2 and telling us your findings. I have no clue which one sounds better but the NDX2 looks better to me, at least from the pictures.

Demo both naim streamers if you can. I have the NDX 2 in my all naim system, but I did demo the ND5 XS 2 and it was really good as well.

I have a LUMIN A1 in my non-naim system and it’s fantastic. I’d say the NDX 2 and Lumin A1 are in the same league, but with different presentations. The NDX 2 has the edge though.

Of course the A1 and T2 are quite different, so the comparison may not be too helpful!

I also was one to think that for best synergy it was best to stick to all Naim but during the time I owned a NDX 2, I found it paired wonderfully with an Accuphase e-370 and e-480 integrated amps and similar priced integrated amp models from Luxman as well. In fact, I preferred the NDX 2 with the Accuphase over the NDX2 and SN3 setup I had. So, that threw my synergy concept out the window.

I’ve not heard the Lumin T2 but as others have mentioned, you should do a comparison with both the ND5 XS2 and NDX 2. You might be surprised how good your player might be.

I should add that the NDX 2 is an incredibly musical and detailed network player. It was the best streamer I’ve ever had the pleasure to own.

Everything Lumin do is very well done. But if you love the Naim Boogie Factor, then go for an ND ! I have compared both with exactly a SN2 and find the nd series more enjoyable.

The Lumin app is very good btw !

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All good input. Just found a demo of the NDX2. The truth lies in my ears…


Yes indeed it’s always a personal choice, but I’d be amazed if you kept the Lumin.

Hi Jimbo

Any update? How was the NDX2?

Change of plans. Decided to focus on my HT. Got new Kef LS50 for front and rear and looking to replace my Yamaha 880 with possibly a Nad AV. Any suggestions. We listen to lots of concerts at high volume.

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