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Hiya - I have a NDX (original one) which is showing an error - Fault 10 Radio Module Comms. I know I have the optional FM / AM module fitted.

I was wondering if anyone has come across this error - and whether there is a quick fix for it? I searched the forum and the only comment I could find was someone saying they had seen it and it had gone away - mine has not. I can still use the streamer with an app on a phone to stream music - but this error stays on the screen regardless.

Any thoughts (other than a very expensive trip to Naim) greatly appreciated.


I suspect that this is a hardware error, ie the NDX is looking for the radio module which it knows should be there and not finding it. You could try a factory reset, but I doubt that this will help.

If you are happy to go inside the unit, with all necessary precautions against unintended electrostatic discharge damaging anything and the unit unpowered of course, then you could try waggling or unplugging and replugging the connector between the radio module and the main board. You can tell which is the module because of where the FM/DAB aerial socket is connected.

But otherwise it’s send it back to Naim or just use it as it is.

Possibly @NeilS may have some ideas here.

May be relevant here, as per David’s response

Gadgetman - thank you for that - that was the article I found.

The build on that is … Any idea if the tuner module is likely to be the FM/DAB optional one - in which case - does anyone know if this was an extra board that could be easily disconnected / pulled out and all would be happy - or whether it would be the standard internet radio module which maybe on the main board - at which point - I am goosed.

It was a factory option, not something that could be added later. In any case I really doubt that replacement modules exist and I don’t know how you would tell the main board not to look for the FM/DAB module.

David - Thank you - was more a case of - if its a board that I can just pull out and bin and the rest then works - then I would do that.

I’ll open it up and see unless I get another answer and see.

It sounded like “beyond economic repair” if it has to go back to the factory.

This is testing my memory bank a bit, but I think that if the plug in radio module is removed, you will still get an error - it may be a different error code, possibly Fault 58 radio module missing.
There is a component location on the digital board that needs to be open/shorted depending on whether the module is fitted or not.
I suspect further discussion on that subject is not allowed though.


Neil >>

Thank you for your response.

I wouldn’t worry about the shorting etc as my electronic skills are not up to that sort of thing.


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