Naim nvc, rega aura, vertere phono

I m really interested in comparison made between these 3 phonostages, i would like to know setup and final opinion

Those three phono stages are at very different price points. So, wondering why you are asking?
Also, your profile doesn’t list any turntable.

Can you say more?

Best wishes

Its is - IMO - highly unlikely that anyone has compared these three.

As @ratrat says… :thinking:

I ve a lo 12 with an hana cart and iOS phono. Now I m living abroad with no turntable with me. Next year I hope to be back and I want to change my lp12 with a rega p10 or a vertere mg1 and I wanted some opinion about phonos. The prices are different but if you add aura to p10 or phono to mg1 the total price become closer

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Thanks for explaining.
Context is so often more important than just the question.

Recently considered Naim SuperLine - Naim NVC TT - Rega Aura, these three phono stages.
When you include a separate power supply for either SuperLine or NVC TT, all three solutions are comparable budget GBP ÂŁ4-5k. ish.
All were considered for use with our LP12.

However, sorry, no experience of Vertere phono.


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Hope that helps

Your IOS is already a top class phonostage, interesting what you decide, definitely much more expensive, consider if you should change elsewhere in setup or other things such as racks, cables etc…

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Several people here helped me in my decision of a phono preamp and with their encouragement I was finally able to get a demo of the Rega Aura vs the NVC TT and a separate demo of the Vertere. The Vertere struck me as a very good phono stage at that price point and if I had a limited budget then that may well have been my choice. The NVC TT comes in at around half the price of an Aura but if you add the Naim power supply it is several hundred dollars more expensive. Since I have a NSC222 I could power the NVC TT from the 222 and then have the option to add the power supply later. I don’t know if you can power the NVC TT with anything outside the New Classic line in which case you would need the power supply.

I am not good at describing differences since this is so subjective but overall I felt the Rega Aura was more dynamic sounding than the NVC TT powered by the NSC222. However, adding the power supply to the NVC TT did everything that I have come to expect from Naim’s dedicated power supplies and I felt comparing the Aura and the NVC TT +PS was more about difference than distinction. There is a slight difference in presentation but all the important elements (for me) were there. I eventually ordered the NVC TT not because I thought it was a lot better than the Rega but because of the lower up front cost and staying within the Naim ecosystem is more comfortable to me.


Great outcome
Thanks for sharing your journey and your decision.
That’s really good to know it all worked out for you

And thanks for posting and adding thoughts to this related thread. I’m sure the OP will appreciate the comments on NVC TT - Aura - Vertere phono.

Good luck
Happy listening

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Thanks so much. That is very kind. I had to order the NVC TT and it was shipped from the UK to my dealar. I get to pick it up tomorrow.


Oooo. That’s a bit exciting.
FWIW, starting with a 222, would have probably made the same decision and chosen NVC TT too.

BTW, what turntable are you using ?

Good luck tomorrow .
Looking forward to see a photo in “System Pics”

Thanks for the question. I am using an LInn LP12 that I have owned since 1984 but it has had upgrades over the years so it is similar to a modern LP12 Selekt but with the Ekos SE tonearm. Probably the only thing remaining from the original is the plinth, outer platter, hinges and dust cover. I never felt the urge to move away from the LP12 since I really like the way it sounds (which has actually changed somewhat over the years). The 62 preamp has a good built in phono stage so the separate phono stage was a new concept for me. Thanks so much for your help.

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Nice that you have a such a fabulous turntable.

What a lovely coincidence…
We also have an 1980’s Linn LP12, fluted Afromosia plinth. Actually, it was kept as original until only recently. In 2020-21, we brought the “old fruit box” up to latest Selekt specification inside. Then, in 2023, added a Naim SuperLine phono.

Perhaps a similar journey to your own.

Good luck with the new phono box tomorrow.


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Sounds like a parallel journey! What arm and cartridge in on your LP12?

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Ittok, from original.
Had the arm refurbished, new bearings, too

When we did the upgrades, decided to go retro’ and added Goldring rebuilt Troika

@philiprst Here is the full story…


Do you mean the Ios Reference or the original Ios? I ask as I have the original Rega Ios and am wondering how much it would hold back my vinyl set-up when I upgrade to a much better turntable/arm combo next year.

Wondering what kind of quality/expense I would need to move up to if I were to upgrade.

I meant the original IOS which is by far the best stage I ever owned.
I was quite chocked how much better it was to Aria which I owned previously.
I’m told Aria is a Fono with beefier PSU and both MM/MC, IOS is MC only.

No knowledge whether IOS ref. is cabinet/price upgrade or there’s other differences.

As I understand Aura is a revised IOS ref. and I’m sure it is better as it should be looking at price.

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