Naim NVC TT or Rega Aura Phono Stage

I am curious if anyone has any experience comparing the new Naim NVC TT setup with the Rega Aura. I have a 222 preamp so Naim would seem the logical point of entry with the NVC TT which it can power with an upgrade to the power supply later. I have heard the Rega Aura in a Naim system and it was impressive bt my only other experience is with the Superline but that needs a separate power supply to start with. Thanks so much for you help.

Depending on what cartridge you are going to use would help decide the outcome.
If a rega cartridge, then the rega aura will certainly be a great match and hard to beat unless you really go for it with a phono stage.

It really depends …

For example, depends on your start point. In your case, with a 222, the NVC TT makes perfect sense. And it’s a fine phono stage.

We considered the NVC TT and decided on a SuperLine + separate psu, which we thought was better. But the new classic NVC TT is still very capable.

Lastly, think the Aura is better, (comparing SQ with NVC TT). It’s really quite good. But it should be considering the price difference.

Can you arrange a demo’ and compare both items ?

Good luck

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Thank you so much for your insight and replies. I am based in the US and it is basically impossible to get a comparison demo of these phono stages where I am located. Ratrat: did you demo the NVC TT with or without the power supply and what was the power supply you settled on with the Superline?

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A fair comparison. NVC TT and NPX TT psu was compared with SuperLine and HiCap DR psu. (Two box solutions )

IMHO, the NVC TT is very capable. If it was the only Naim phono, it would be a fine phono. However, the SuperLine + HC DR was preferred.

It’s worth noting, FWIW, the SuperLine has the option to upgrade later with better SuperCap psu instead

We also considered the Aura. The Aura was outstanding. A different presentation, maybe better suited to Rega cartridges.

Best way to explain this, all are good options.
If the start point was a 222, might make a different decision and choose NVC TT.

Good luck

edit : we made the decision to spend our money on SL with a separate PSU, so we could move it around the house and use it, in different situations, independently.


I have had the Rega Aura for about 2 years now and love it. As others have said, it’s all cartridge and system dependent but mine brings my Ekstatik cartridge alive like no other phono stage in this price range. I auditioned Aura alongside Superline, Urika and others at the time and it was a hands down winner.

But I haven’t heard the Naim NVC TT so can’t comment on its comparison against Aura.

Good luck in your deliberations and decision making.

FWIW……Here’s mine in situ….


I’d encourage hearing the choices yourself. The gap is not vast, the presentations are not identical and sensible people here have tried and reached opposite conclusions to each other.

We rated Superline best a couple of years ago, but that was when powered from my 52 and with the right airplug in the back. Power from a Supercap is regarded as even better by many ears, while power from a Hicap is a bit less subtle (if still just as strong on boogie and still VG overall) and might well be beaten by an Aura.

This was decided using Krystal and Lyra Kleos, but the answer might well change if using Rega or several other good cartridge options.

For infectious involvement, I would probably still take Superline over Aura as long as the system suited, I didn’t spend all my time listening to chamber music and the SL was set up thus. However, the gap is small and the Aura seems to be harder to get wrong (if you see what I mean).

I have not heard the new Naim phono stage at all, but many here seem to prefer Superline to it. However, NVC enthusiasm here seems to vary with whether it was heard with its own PS - that’s Naim for you.


Nick - concerning your last post, above - I often read your posts and find myself thinking, “what a lovely, balanced way to express an idea.”
Like your style sir. It’s really classy. :+1:



Thanks to all those who continued to share further and new thoughts. It is much appreciated.

I am trying to see if it is possible for me to get a demo of the NVC TT with it’s power supply together with the Rega Aura. I may have to travel to do so. At the moment I am inclined towards the NVC TT since that is a smaller initial step if it is powered by the 222 and I can add the power supply later. My overall preference is for Linn/Lyra cartridges over Rega although I have only heard a small sample of what is now available.

Thanks again everyone.


Sounds like a plan
Good luck

Hi @philiprst

How are you getting on with your new box?


I’ve heard both the Rega Aura and the NVC TT in my home, albeit several years apart and with very different hardware. Helpfully, in each case, they were a/b compared to my SuperLine.

The amount by which we preferred the SuperLine (no Supercap, powered directly from 552) over the NVC TT was far greater 2 months ago, then when we compared the Superline (albeit with a SuperCap) to the Aura when compared several years ago.

Aura test was with the RegaP8. NVC TT test was with the Solstice.

I’d absolutely pick the Aura.


I owed both the NVC TT and the Aura at the same time, connected to a Rega P8 with an Apheta 3. This was paired with a 222/250. no external power supplies on either the 222 or the TT. While the Aura was nice, I preferred the the NVC TT. Fliped through a few carts doing A/B comparisons and to me the TT was preferred every time. I found it to be more resolving and accurate, which is my personal preference. It just picked up more detail than the Aura in my humble opinion… The TT has permanently replaced the Aura.

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Thanks so much for following up. The NVC TT is now installed in my system. I am awaiting the delivery of a new MC cartridge which will get installed next so I have only listened so far with my existing Rega MM so I don’t have any real meaningful comments yet. It is definitely an improvement over the NSC 222 MM stage but that is not particularly surprising.


Nice :+1:
Which cartridge did you choose?