Naim owners Artwork

Inspired by the painting hanging above @hungryhalibut system. Got me thinking that I’ve seen some great artwork in the rooms shown in system pics. And some that doesn’t work for me also. Here’s one in our main room that I recently got for my wife. Oil on canvas. The artist is Ewa Czarnieka from Poland.


Great idea for a thread. I’m lucky to own three Timmy Mallett (yes THE Timmy Mallett) originals - like to think I got in on the ground floor but not sure if they are investments. I just love his style - the colours of the bluebells are vibrant with different shades depending on the light in the room.


So this is an oil by Ronald Smoothey, an artist from Guildford, who painted it in 1966. He taught art at my school but no doubt to our mutual delight, he had no interaction with me at all, as I was of a maths/science bent.

Anyway my parents went on a waiting list to buy one of his paintings and when I wasn’t looking, my brother claimed it on my father’s death, but had nowhere to hang it, so it lived under his bed for 20 years until a new bed didn’t have room under it for a painting. So he loaned it to me for a few years and then I bought it off him one day when we were sorting out my mother’s estate and now it hangs in our day/dining room where it hears a lot of Naim-reproduced music. I feel it sort of came home and I am delighted that one of my grandchildren, aged 9, with no input from me, is showing interest in it.

I don’t know what the name of the painting is, despite some research via the local authority gallery that has several of his paintings in their reserve stock. But anyway, I always loved it, from when I first saw it some 55 years ago.



Ronald Smoothey, what a great name. I bet he was a hit with the girls in the 60s. Hello, my name is Ron Smoothey. It has a certain ring. It’s a good painting. Not sure if it like it, but art’s like that. I’m pleased to have inspired a thread such as this. Let’s see what pops up.

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He was known as Ron as it happened!..I will show it to you next time you visit. You were within a couple of metres of it…



Your Favourite Painting
This is a wonderful idea … similar to the above.
I have a couple of pictures from my days in Prague. The first is a townscape entitled ‘Babel’ IIRC, and the second is a variation on a still life with an ash tray, candles and a REM tape and Radiohead CD. They were painted by Jesse Littel - good memories of those days.

And in situ …


David. I was taught by Ron Smoothey at the same school. And the other legend in the art department Frank Brown. Thanks for bringing back some memories!


I have this drawing (Maldives No. 3) by Zaria Forman.
I love it.


That’s lovely. Could quite happily live with that on my wall. Very calming.

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That is really something.
Ron definitely had his own take on the predominant US influence of modernist abstract expressionism and the preceding European surrealists.
That painting is like an art history lesson of the last century. You must be very happy to have that on your wall.

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I have a bit of a thing for drawings by sculptors so this Elisabeth Frink ‘Marsh Harrier’ swoops on the wall between the speakers and Henry Moore’s doodlings are opposite. Signed limited edition prints not originals I hasten to add!


An old friend of mine, Robert Davies, is a fine artist.
He gave Mrs. Jimdog and me a copy of this photo of the inside of the Snowdon horseshoe for our wedding. (I had popped the question on the top of Y Lliwedd, Altitude: 898M). It took us a few years to spot that 2 tiny figures can be seen on the skyline.

I bought from Bob this photo of the nose of El Capitan that he took by moonlight. I have been climbing 3 times in Yosemite, so the place holds special memories for me. You see the lights of several climbers who are camping on the rock overnight.

Both of these photos hang in my listening room, so they absorb a lot of jazz music.


In case anyone is interested, his drawings of animals a few years were also very well received, e.g. this lifesize Welsh Mountain ram:


He is currently building an iron sculture called ‘Tree’ on the beach in Borth near where he lives as described here:


I’ve posted some photos that show some ceramic art; here is some of our flat art:

A Jean Arp print we found hanging on consignment at the store where we buy our mid-century furniture:

My wife, from before we met, had an interest in First Peoples art. This is by an Australian, Paddy Fordam. He’s become a bit collectible since his passing in 2006. His works are known as ‘dreams’ and I cannot possibly do service to the intricacy of the message conveyed or all of the symbolism. But you can see a lot if you look a little close. This hangs on the wall behind our music listening sofa.


One my better creations.

Was having a recurring dream/nightmare at the time of swimming just off the beach close next to a mountain.
The beach bed after a few feet dropped straight down to a deep trench. The water strangely calm.


Two very interesting choices. I like the Jean Arp especially.

I enjoy Hetty Haxworth’s landscape inspired prints. This one was a Christmas present.




This is by Gisela Krohn and hangs in our living room:



Hope prints count as well!

I have a couple of posters from a company called Pullman Edition. They create Art Deco inspired posters mainly focusing on ski, cars and cities.

I think they are beautiful and somewhat more affordable than original Art Deco posters! The pictures don’t really do them justice as they do t really show the size and the colours…