Naim owners Artwork

I imagine not.

Good sentiment in the original though.

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We are really pleased at how this sculpture, by Jeremy Moulsdale, sits in our re-vamped garden.

We had a lot of work done last summer and so this is the end of the first year. Having fun discovering views from different angles and the back of the statue is just delightful.


Oh that is so elegant and lovely. Gorgeous garden too.

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Thank you, it is the joy that keeps on giving!

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I recognise that Dormer extension. Nice work on the garden :+1:

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This is spooky. If you are Jamie (one of our cats) then ‘well done’! If not, are you a neighbour?

I recognise it from one of our dog walking routes, so was just surprised to see it on the forum. Sorry to spook you :slightly_smiling_face:

Small world. You are welcome to drop in for tea / coffee and Hi Fi! Best come without your dog though as I am not sure how the cats would react!


@HappyListener Totally unbiased movie review and I’m framing this atm.


And vice versa. I’ll ask Richard to pass on my details.

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@HappyListener I think there’s a running theme going on. Latest one.


A lovely view of Salford and Manchester skyline.

I bought it primarily because I used to work on the road shown in painting forty years ago.

Definitely brings back memories of dashing to my car on a rainy winters evening.

I thought my wife wouldn’t like it. But she does, so that’s a result. :smiley_cat:


Stunning piece :heart_eyes:

Here are a few of mine. My mother is a sculptor and made me a good number of artworks.
Here is a great horned owl:

Here is a fish (I forget the name):

Here is a painting of Ayrton Senna I bought shortly after his sad death:


looks fantastic, what size did you go for?

It’s only a smaller print. I did my own mount and frame too, though not sure that’s now an option on the Duffy site.

He did some good ads too!




Love the Owl.

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Thank you!

A good friend of mine has become a bit of an avid painter in his retirement. When not listening to music he can usually be found in his studio. Whilst his work might not be original it’ll stop you in your tracks. These are all oil on canvas…


Wow. He could have a career as an artist.

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