Naim owners Artwork

Eek. Hope you enjoy it!
Do you have Adobe Fresco?

No, what app are you using.

Adobe Fresco…

I seem to get it for ‘free’ due to my Photoshop subscription.

Such an incredible place, loaded with history and full of wildlife, but ecologically fragile.


Yes, extremely fragile. And the weather is brutal to the structures. I took this photo inside a pagoda on what I think was the last public tour allowed. You’re not allowed anywhere near them now, as the roof supports are about to fail, leading to an estimated 1,000 tons of roof and shingle to fall.


…and are you drawing from photos or in-situ?

As it’s early days, usually from photos, with a few from my imagination.

To be honest, I’d feel very strange sitting somewhere in plain view scrawling a mess on an iPad :slight_smile:

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There are also, maybe less sophisticated, Bamboo Paper and Paper drawing apps.

I’ve just remembered why I chose Fresco.
I went to an exhibition at the Fitzwilliam museum in Cambridge a few months ago that featured some of David Hockney’s iPad creations. I had a read, and Bob’s your live-in lover, I now use the same software!


Looking across the Deben from Woodbridge


He’s been an early adopter of new technology for years.

Your efforts look good to me.

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Thank you. It’s good fun, and feels more creative than photography.

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Walking in the Fog - Dylan. I bought this print after being persuaded to attend the debut of collection of Dylan prints in Manchester by my daughter. The combination of free wine and just really liking the picture resulted in a purchase. It since turns out that it is the subject of a controversy about it being auto signed rather than hand signed by Dylan during covid. Anyway,

it looks like I’ll get a full refund and get to keep the print. Love the picture!


Is that where he uses a machine but it’s still him controlling it?

Margaret Atwood has used something similar although it seems less controversially.

F-15, after the storm


I’m not sure. I guess the problem was that it was certified as hand signed, which pretty much everyone would have a common understanding of just what that should mean.

Great print !

I also have a couple of the Dylan auto pen prints, refund due soon.

My understanding of the auto pen is that it’s an electro mechanical device which is able to analyse and copy a signature, and actually signs the print using a pencil which is held by the device.

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Wish I’d bought one if they’re free!



Not an original - merely a print - but with a background story.
My wife’s best friend said on seeing this on our wall that it reminded her of me!
And I think she’s probably correct :rofl: