Naim owners Artwork

Very nice. Think I prefer the top one.

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Latest one reframed with all the usual ar99 and cotton boards.

Eubank vs Benn first fight 1990. With Ali, Eubank is my favourite boxer. I always found him hilarious and a beautifully styled boxer. Used to love his fights, when boxing was at its peak and so this is another photo that means a lot. I wonder how long it is before a generation will say “who?” All this archived work will no doubt end up on a skip or sold for £1 one day.

Here’s an interesting pic of one of the small photos that I took out on the right (my replacement is on the left). It’s only about 3 years old and the awful, typical backing board has created so much acid, that it’s made the photo go yellow. If you look closely, you can make out where the mounting tape was on the reverse of the photo. This blocked the acid from tainting it and remains whiter. I find this a lot and just shows all the cheap framing out there is damaging your artwork within just a few years if not months.


RAF Barnham, where Blue Danube was stored and maintained.


Very nice.

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Remember those fights brutal

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