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Good morning to the whole community.
A dispassionate advice from your art and from those who have had experience about the misteriosa world of wiring.Is it useful to replace the standard Nova cable with a Powerline? Let me explain: is it worth spending 790 euros in relation to the performance that could be obtained? If not, can cheaper cables like Nordost red dawn or Flatline or others be used, and if so would I have the same utility or performance? I accept advice and suggestions thanks.

I feel that the best way to decide is to find out for yourself by trying a demo of the Powerline with your dealer. See if it’s possible to borrow one for a few days to try in your own system. Be sure to follow the installation advice carefully as this makes or breaks the performance. See here;

@obsydian tried a full Synergistic Research upper tier cable loom, as well as their expensive fuses in the power cables with great results on his Nova.
The nordost red dawn could be worthwhile if you have other nordost in the system.

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Powerline is worthwhile on a nova…

Yep, definite value for money upgrade in SQ on my Nova. Can usually be found for decent prices on your favourite auction site.

Powering was ok Chord Signature was better at a similar price, Supra Lord was worse, Belden was limp, Synergistic Research was a keeper.

What cable? I’ve never find on line PLine pre owned or demo, out of UK. I’ts very rare in Italy.
Thanks a lot. :hugs::hugs:

Ah sorry I didn’t notice you were not in the uk.

You can search EU wide on the bay and most people will ship within EU no problem. They do come up in Germany for example

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