Naim Pre Amp

I have a 32.5/hi-cap/160 all serviced after adding the hi-cap on good advice of the forum members was a massive upgrade

I would like recommendations of a decent Naim pre amp that will give the 32.5 a run for its money as i now would prefer a remote control on the volume

NAC 102 ? NAC 112 ? NAC 152XS ? or any similar at this price point

I have both the 32.5 and hi cap on loan but would prefer to keep the hi cap & get another Naim pre amp

If you want remote control then probably your next best step would be either a NAC102 + NAPSC or a better yet, a NAC82.

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Absolutely yes, a NAC82. Such talent at a bargain price these days.

Best regards, BF

Richard i am unsure what the NAPSC does with a 102 ?
Is it hi cap or napsc or must both be used with this pre amp ?

My preference would be 102/hicap/160

The NAPSC is as small separate power supply for the logic, switching and motors. These are noisy, so separating these from the analogue circuitry brings big gains. You still need a power supply for the analogue circuitry - either from the power amp’s internal pre-map supply, or better yet, from a dedicated Hicap.

Only thing I would say here is that to definitely take a step ahead of the very capable NAC32.5, you would probably need to move to a NAC82. A NAC102 is not such a clear step up - more a case of swings and roundabouts ; winning a bit on the bandwidth margins but perhaps losing a bit in the middle. Of course, much will depend on how good or not each example is; they’re all getting on in age now. I have three NAC32.5s here and one is superb, one is very good, if not exceptional, and one is a bit flat overall.

Richard took the words out of my mouth. An 82 is a superb preamp fiving you options to add a second hicap at a later stage just nake sure that it has been serviced or that the price reflects this. A recently serviced 82 is so detaiked,dynamic and large in scale over one that needs a service.

So can be used with just a hi cap but ideally with a hicap & NAPSC for best results ?

The NAC82 comes with a NAPSC as standard. The NAC102 can have the NAPSC added as an upgrade option. You would use it as well as a Hicap for best results. The NAC82 also has options to go further; you could add a second Hicap, or even go to a Supercap.

I have fond memories of my NAC 82 with napsc and hicap, its a great amp.

Can you disclose a typical asking price for either a 102 or 82 please ?

It will depend on age, condition, whether boxed and with all the bits, whether recently serviced or not. I’m sure a bit of online research checking the usual places will give you some idea.

There is also another option because I stream all my music Is a N272 worth considering? So either N272/XPS or 82/hicap/supercap ?

I have an 82 with Supercap. I also used it with Napsc, one hicap and then 2 olive hicaps. It’s a great preamp and very good value for money. You can pick them up on auction sites for around £900 and then you’ll probably need to get it serviced which will cost around £220 to £300. I use it with sources NDS and 555PS and Linn LP12 and 2 x 135s. Sounds awesome in my opinion. Sounded great with 250 and other sources. A very high quality preamp which will be hard to beat at the price.

Thanks for your answer but I do stream all my music no turntable or CD player
So would be interested in comparing with a N272 pre streamer

When you say stream do you mean from a nas or via the internet, such as Tidal or Qobuz?

Yes live stream from the internet

This is where the new platform streamers are better really. I’ve tried Tidal on my 272 and it’s ok but not great. It sounds much better via Bubble on my nas. You can run bubble on other things too. The new streamers have Qobuz too, which the 272 doesn’t. The 272 does sound very good though and as a preamp it’s excellent.

Do you think an N272-2 is likely or imminent

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My personal view is yes to both. I was expecting it to be previewed at Munich High End, which I think was due to be this weekend. But who knows?

That’s a very good question indeed, nobody knows … my own personal feeling was that we would see something at the High End show in Munich which was scheduled for May this year …