Naim Price List

Any news on a revised Naim Price List as often it is released in April?


I read on the linked thread there is no UK price increase this year. The 2019 Naim new products

Funnily enough I was wondering about this as I felt a couple of things might have been price hiked a little.

Let’s hope not!

Back in October they announced 500 and Classic series prices would be held for 2019. Uniti has changed with inclusion of hdmi as std and now fm/dab module.

I know I am getting ahead of myself here, but if there is indeed a successor to the 272 coming out eventually … how would Naim price and position it relative to the 272 and the NDX2?

Well there are an awful lot of pre loved 272’s on a certain auction site at the moment, some are dealer ex dem units…you don’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows!


I noticed that too, think I counted ten on there this morning.

And they are still a great unit … sometimes I miss mine dearly…

The 272 could become even more of a bargain, bit like the NDS.

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Not really a bargain considering it needs either an XPSDR or a 555DR to shine.

I reckon the NAC-N272 shines very nicely just on its own.

Of course, it shines even brighter with an upgraded power supply such as the XPS or 555PS…

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I think that’s a bit of a glass half empty attitude to it. Yes, the 272 is improved greatly by an external PSU, but while we’re on the subject of prices, I have generally found that Naim pricing is a really quite accurate reflection of the relative sound quality you get…and a bare 272 is about half the price of, say, a 272/XPS.

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I would consider that getting a quality Naim streamer and pre amp for their ‘going rate’ is a pretty good deal…

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