Naim Prices - April 1981 -!

Found this, as part of a pdf of an elderly Naim manual -

NAC A4 - £1 per metre - thats what I paid…!

NAP250 - £645-00 - !!!



I see that the prices for the same components are about the same og just a bit higher today.

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I’ll take 3, please, and put me down for the forthcoming tuner.


My 42 was £207 in 1982 - and my 110 was £281.

In 1985, my 250 was £822, before the trade in from my 110.
That 250 is still part of my system, albeit with a few sets of capacitors…


I think I actually got back what I paid for them or slightly more when I sold my 42/110.

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VAT @ 15%. Doubt that will be seen again…

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I got £180 trade in for my 110, in 1985.

The Price List also shows that NAC A4 was always available in Black or White.
Mine are still White…

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What was a NAB 300 ?


A 19" rack pro version of a 250, with balance XLR connections and frame style transformers - ??

Forum Search is your friend here… :astonished: :crazy_face:

First result -

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NAB300 Search Results

Being really helpful… :crazy_face:

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To slightly temper the amazement, remember that these prices need a bit of inflation adjustment. From 1981 prices, you need to multiply by about 3.6 to get the 2023 equivalent. That would make the NAP300 more like £2700 after VAT: still cheaper than the modern equivalent, of course, but not by as much as it first seems!


Just looked inside my Naim Factory visit NAP250 goody box.
Which is my repository for all Manuals and spare fuses…… And Link Plugs…!
And found this… :astonished:

The Manual for a NAP250 in 1985 -

I mean… What else do you need…???

(it shows you which Channel is which, but without revealing which is Left or Right… thats secret)


Still expensive :wink:

I remember reading a HIFI Review article in 1987 about a Naim active 6-pack system + LP12 + Ittok + Troika + a pair of Isobarik cost around £20,000.

There is no such thing as left and right channels in a stereo amp with discrete inputs whether RCA or individual channel XLRs, DINs, whether pre or power, nor where pre and power. A source has defined channels, and speakers positioned either L or R, but things between can use either channel as long as same in and out. Numbering 1 & 2 is much better than L & R, all the user needs to do is connect whichever way round is logical to them, which typically would be opposite ways round if the amp is at back of room compared to at front between speakers. (You can of course still do that when labelled L & R.)

I have the magazine and it was system 11 and was only £10 356 so a bargain

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GeoffC / November 1984 / 1st naim system / NAC42 + Snaps + NAP160 = £901


What ever happened to Radford HiFi? I used their Bath branch for multiple purchases, but sometime after I left the UK they disappeared.

That would make the speaker cable about £4/m, adjusted for inflation… hmmm…

Staff leaving to join Naim audio. Ok so I can name 2…

Well, it wouldn’t do to give too much away - some of Naim’s competitors might be watching, hoping to pick up clues.