Naim Prints

Recently moved house and I completely forgot I had the prints found them still sealed in the boxes lol.


I remember them well, plus the earlier (humorous) ‘Sorry, I Didn’t Catch Your Naim’ (NAP250, with shattered wooden floorboards) and ‘Mr Vereker Makes Exceedingly Good Naits’ (Nait-like cakes, riffing on/spoofing the ‘Mr Kipling Makes Exceedingly Good Cakes’ advert of the time).

Is there a photographer’s copyright notice on the posters, and do you have wall space to hang them all?

Great prints. Maybe Naim could release them again as part of their big Birthday celebrations next year.

Some classic products and adverts there :sunglasses:


That’s so cool. I’ve been keeping my eye out to try and find some prints to put on the living room walls! Hard to find, at least here in the U.S.

Not sure I’ll have a look at the back

I should have bought everything available at the time :blush:

I have a dedicated listening room so could accommodate them lol

You might have been better to put your money into Apple Inc, then you could probably have sold those shares and bought Naim outright (and maybe Focal too)!

Yess - remember them as well. This was really long ago :slight_smile:

Lol your probably right :+1:

Proudly hanging in my room (vinyl shelves in the reflection :blush:)


Looks fantastic

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That’s the famous photo that I remember. Did it have a tagline along the lines ‘Sorry, I didn’t catch your Naim’?

It did


I always thought it was a jokey exaggeration until I picked up my first full-size naim box!


I guess its not possible to get copies of any of these…?

I think the tag line was removed in the prints that Naim sold - mine came from Naim when they were selling them

How about doing some re-runs for the 50th anniversary?

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There’s probably a cupboard somewhere in Naim HQ, stuffed with prints of these great old adverts, that everyone has forgotten about.

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Many of the vintage Naim advertising images are freely available on t’ interweb, though I couldn’t advise anyone about the current copyright status.

Yes, but not (as far as I could tell) at a size suitable to print… :frowning_face:

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