Naim system with log burners

I wasn’t sure where to post this, but thought ‘Hi-Fi Corner’ would reach most members. Apologies @Richard.Dane if incorrect.

I see so many lovely pictures of Naim systems in ‘System Pics’. Many of which contain Gas fires, Wood Burners and Stoves. I have my heart set on a Gas fire, and will replicate it, as per a member’s ‘System Pics 2021’.
If we cannot replicate the Gas fire, then ‘Plan B’ could be a Log burner/Stove. It goes without saying, Log Burners are a lot dirtier. I’m worried how this would affect my Naim system and speakers.

Please could members give me their opinion, on solid fuel fires, Log Burners and their Naim system. Does it adversely affect their system, including speakers?


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I take it you have already taken a look at this thread?

Woodburners inevitably put a bit of dust and dirt into the room. Not nearly as much as they pump into the environment, of course. On those grounds it’s an extremenly poor choice for anybody who has access to mains gas.
As we have no mains gas, we have been partially dependent on woodburners for heating. I can’t say the ash spilling into the room has ever caused problems with the HiFi, even when I had a turntable. It just makes for more regular sweeping up and hoovering to get rid of it.


I use a log burner (10 Years) throughout autumn and winter and is near my Naim kit, I don’t notice much more dust/debris then the rest of the year.

The door is mostly closed, only when I light the fire for the first 10mins and when I add a log so minimal dust comes out.

I get asthma and find the air much better to breath then when I have the central heating.

The art is to use good dry wood and if your glass on the front is clean Every morning then you are using it correctly.


Wood burners emit considerable volumes of cancer causing particulates, so if you have no concern for people’s health, that’s the option to go for.

Bio ethanol stove/fireplace instead?

Bio ethanol kills the rainforest. If you have no concern for the climate, thats the option to go for.

@hungryhalibut…Looking at your 2022 System Pic, lovely fireplace. Is it a gas, or electric fire?

We had it put in about 20 years ago to replace the hideous edifice that came with the house. The fire is gas, with ceramic ‘coals’. We very rarely use it, but it does look nice and is very cosy. I’ve just fired it up and taken a picture, just for you.


This is it closer up. You can see a little bit of blue if you look really closely but you don’t see it from a distance, and it really needs a bit of a service.


Lovely looking room!

I have to wonder how much dust deposits on radiator panels in the spring/summer and and then gets redistributed to the air by convection when central heating is in use.

There are certainly many articles suggesting this.

You will know I love my stoves, but they have only recently been installed in the last 5-6 years - I find it strange that a lot of the negative information we are now hearing is actually quite recent. I find it odd that this was not known or at least widely publicised much earlier.

Have we been lied to by an industry, and why only now are governments taking an interest in these things - possibly as they are mainly seen as ‘lifestyle accessories’ rather than necessities for most.

Currently for us they are a valuable heating source in the absence of gas central heating. As expensive as an electric heater is I have been quite surprised how effective one is in the hallway heating a far larger region than anticipated running at around 1.7 kWh on a timer.

I know. We were told to use diesel cars. Then we are told not to. Then we are told to use log burners. Now we are told they are killing people. The way forward is clearly to wear half a dozen jumpers and sit on a spike.


The question is about Naim and log burners.
All of my Naim systems have worked equally well with gas fires (moisture production), electric radiators (drying everything out), underfloor central heating, conventional radiator central heating, and log fires- both open and stoves. Nothing has failed and the SQ hasn’t been affected as far as my hearing has noticed.
Perhaps we are overthinking this?

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The ‘perhaps’ in your final sentence is not required.


I think any observations are anecdotal, however I do believe humidity affects our perception of the sound or the way the sound propagates through the air. The problem is that humidity effects differ at different temperatures.

Yes, fell for the diesel bull too both with new and leased vehicles.

Now we have these adverts suggesting ‘claim compensation’ if you’ve ever bought or leased a diesel vehicle - I’m soundly tempted after so many people I know got payouts for ‘mis-sold endowments’ when they knew perfectly well that their value could go up or down (naturally I didn’t bother as I knew the risks, maybe more fool me).

I know this sounds pretentious and holier than thou but I firmly believe that if you can afford to do the right thing, then you should, I have.