Naim To Share Manufacturing

Fabrique en France, then


I often joke that if I won the billion dollar+ lottery here in the USA I’d buy Naim and take it private. The first project would be to build a new state of the art factory in Salisbury. I visited the the factory in 2008 and I was struck at how small and packed it was.

The second project would be to start manufacturing DBLs again.


Personal view, i trust Darran more than i do Salisbury having received something back from service ( via dealer) recently. All my servicing will be heading north rather than west in future.


Not to sure why the work could not be left in the UK even if it could not remain in Salisbury. For me there is just a feeling that moving the manufacturing offshore will impact the quality and if nothing else shakes my confidence. No matter how you package the message a question of quality control and manufacturing standards is raised.

I think a lot of folks have seen the negative impact of moving manufacturing offshore. Usually good for bottom line of the company, usually not so good for the customer.

Good luck.


It is a shame; when Rega built its factory in the early 90’s it was built with a modular design so mezzanine floors could be added. So far the factory’s floorspace has been expanded by 3 to 4 times. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.


A lot is already outsourced, e.g the electronic boards and the casing.

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Surely if ordering in the UK would mean manufactured in Salisbury; unless there is some really odd logistics going on???

True, but all the piece parts & assemblies should go through a rigorous “goods-in” inspection process when they arrive in Salisbury, to ensure that quality is maintained. Also my company used to embed a “resident” in major subcontractors, to oversee quality at first hand.


That Naim has decided to do this in an EU country is a sensible decision in light of events. It is also no different to one made by a significant number of companies, I wish the company well with this decision. It also gives a bit more insight into the label on the back of the new products.


I hope being a trusted partner means more than being Naim approved.

An EU Naim facility could make a lot of sense. Outsourcing to an EU based 3rd party less so, other than for cost cutting.

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First rule of subcontracts, “Trust No-one”.

Monitor, inspect, review………rinse & repeat.


The ‘Resident’ would be a fantastic job!


Manufacturing inside the EU makes a huge amount of sense.


Trust me ( see what i did there?) it’s not.

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I think many people have seen the benefits too, both as a customer and as an employee.


A kind of ‘Emily in Paris’ :slight_smile:


It doesn’t really bother me at all, as long as the oversight and QC is good, which I’m sure it is. I’m presuming it’s in conjunction with Focal.


Couple of friends/colleagues ended up in Canada & Washington as residents….one of them never came back!
We also had residents from our customers, embedded on our site.

However it’s expensive. We did try “self inspections” by the s/c……with mixed results.

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Well, probably not in Germany this time and much as I’d like to see Naim develop capabilities in France and maybe transfer a few genes to Focal somehow I doubt thats in the running either.

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I would assume that any company building complex products would not be manufacturing every component. Naim has a reputation as a British Hi-Fi which has been part of their positive image in marketing and selling products. Moving manufacturing, assembly, and quality control off shore will diminish that image in they eyes of some consumers. …or at least one.