Naim UK Summer promotion - NDX2 & Supernait 3

The introduction of white lights to Naim’s 500 Series and has broadened the options when system-matching with the New Classic series, and next to follow suit will be the Supernait 3 in August 2024. The Green LED variant will remain available, as Naim know that some people still love the original, classic Naim look and feel. The White LED will become the primary variant, but Green LED units will be available to purchase upon request.

With this in mind, working with Naim’s UK retailers, they are running a promotion this summer on the multi-award-winning Classic Combo of NDX 2 and Supernait 3 (Green LED). Still considered amongst the finest 2-box systems on the market, Naim are encouraging their UK retailers to offer these products together as a package at a special price to the customer for a limited time and whilst stocks last.

For further details, contact your nearest Naim retailer.