Naim Uniti 2 Display very dim

Hi all, I have seen a thread on this issue but it’s locked to replies now. I notice a reference to some chap in France and availability of displays on ebay, but I can’t get any further than that.

The unit, a Naim Unity 2 was purchased in 2014.

Is someone able to give me a steer please?

links to sales sites such as eBay are not allowed one here. I would just do a search using the keywords of “Uniti screen” and located in France…

I notice ebay is now full of very similar listings from China too.

The search terms above appear to work… :open_mouth:

I guess one of those ones from China might work - they do say for Uniti 2 so hopefully will be OK.

I did also send a straightforward message to Naim support to ask advice - so I’ll give it a couple of days and decide what to do.

Thanks for the community help!

If the room is pitch black, although your eyes cannot see the screen, the camera on your phone is more sensitive and I find I can use that to view the screen and navigate. It’s still going to be faint but on a decent phone it is legible. This is how I use my UQ2 and NDX, both of which appear to have totally dead screens.

Most phone cameras are so sensitive that you can see the IR bulb light up on a remote control when you press the buttons.


Pro tip :ok_hand:t2:

See linked thread above:
Naim suggest finding an independent “HiFi repair professional who might be able to find the original screen on the grey market (eBay, for example) and fit it.”

I may be missing something here but a Uniti 2 will have the 192kHz card and should therefore be fixable by Naim in the normal way?

My ND5XS had its screen replaced by Naim and wasnt hugely expensive.

That would be great if they’d do it, and would certainly prefer a bona fide repair - but unfortunately they haven’t responded to my support request yet after several days so not sure whether that’s going to work out too well…

Support are always super-busy in this age of network audio, so you may need to hang tight a lit longer. Did you get back an email with a ticket number? - that should be almost instant.