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I am expecting a 2016 Uniti 2 which I purchased yesterday to use only with Tidal at my parents house, not knowing the software which is currently on and not thinking to ask the seller could I ask how easy it is to update the firmware?. I was reading on here last night about folks putting off updating just in case they do something wrong and I would like things to be smooth and stress free. Hopefully the machine will be on 4.8 but has anyone who has done this got any pointers?. I have a Mac mini on Catalina to do this and a cable which I believe will transfer the software but how would you know it’s charge only?, wouldn’t the com 3 driver show up in settings perhaps?. A little worried about this as it wasn’t cheap to buy and this software update is essential as I only want to use tidal . Any help appreciated.

Nothing to worry about. All the instructions are here:

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Why not check the version it’s on before worrying?

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The unit arrived yesterday and thankfully it’s on 4.8 so that’s a relief could I ask if I do a factory reset as all the previous owners internet settings are on it with it just reset those settings and not the firmware?. Thanks for any answers

A reset doesn’t touch the firmware.


Am I ok to run the Uniti 2 headphone only , no speakers load or speaker cabling connected at all

Thanks for answering again

Yes, that’s fine.

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Could I also ask I’ve read about the Mute button acting as a standby button in effect is that correct please?, I would like to switch the logo off but in 4.7 software there are only 3 choices. Thanks for any further advice as to what the mute button does.

It’s in the manual, page 16. The mute button silences the speaker, headphone, preamp and sub outputs. It’s not the same as standby.

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