Naim Uniti Atom + Kef LS50 Meta or LS50W II?

I have alredy Uniti Atom with Naim Ariva speakers. I like it.

I’m thinkinkg about my second sistem for home office.
Desk 200x90cm. Desk will be about 30cm from the wall.

Not sure if Atom can drive LS50, since I read that LS50 require powerfull amps.
And, would be maybe better to purchase Wireless II version?
I like Naim, and app. I can get Atom for 1700E, and Meta for about 1200E.
LS50 Wireless II for about 2500E.

I have an Atom in my office and while I don’t think Atom will have any issue driving LS50 I decided against LS50 as I think they are little to big for desk speaker. In the end I purchased Totem Rainmakers. Lots of people mentioned Neat Iota and ProAc Tablette 10 etc.

Few posts across the forum on Atom speaker options in case you want to consider other options.

Most recent here…

Saying all this I was told LS50W Meta have a feature in app for nearfield listening. In any way they are fabulous speakers at that price range.

Personally I would go Atom as that also gives you one system to deal with and allows multi room playback rather then managing two systems and apps etc. Also I think better resale value if and when time comes.

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I drive a pair of LS50 Meta’s with a Unitiqute 2. It’s loud enough to at 65 on the display you’d have to shout to talk in my front room. Your Atom would be fine, and will sound fabulous with the KEF’s.

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