Naim Uniti Atom

I am considering a Naim Uniti Atom. I will go into a relatively small 10x10 room. My question is what speakers for about $2000 should I pair with it.

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It may well help the more knowledgeable members if you let us know which country you are in so advice can be given about the speaker manufacturers available

There have been many many threads on this. Why not use the search and take a look. I’ll ask @Richard.Dane to move this to the Hifi Corner for you.

As a kick off, with the size of your room -that makes me think small speakers and fairly easy to drive PMC DB1 , but as others have said a lot of factors

However If I had an Atom and a small room, these would be my personal starting point because of their ease of drive . Also my preference is for speakers with a pro background - so they should be fairly neutral .

Sadly they aren’t the best lookers , but any product that’s been around as long as they have generally has something going for it

Some ideas here: ```

Lots of choice out there and speakers really are room dependant so hard to advise per se. I use iota alphas with my atom and they produce a big sound from a small box but other speakers may have more refinement.

Naim black box upgrades, by and large, are predictable, the more you spend the better they sound but with speakers I would encourage you to engage a local dealer so you can do some home demos.


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