Naim Uniti Server SSD

Hello I have just bought my first used Naim product which is the Uniti Server listed above . As this has not arrived yet I have not got the full details but suspect it is a 1 TB SSD model with a CD Rom slot drive that is not working . Now I was aware of this when i bought it and got the unit for a very cheap price and it going t be something i want to have a play with myself to get it up and working correctly .

I presume the CD Rom drive is a normal SATA unit and if I can source a replacement then that should be a straight swap with out any software adjustments .

However I would like to have the 2 TB SSD and if that is not already installed is it possible to replace the 1TB one with a 2TB . I am sure there is an installation routine that needs to be completed does anyone know what this consists of . If I do this does anyone know if you can install a fully loaded with music SSD or do you need to load a blank SSD and initialise the blank drive . After that how can you load files to the internal SSD other than ripping via the SSD drive or is that not possible .

And last but not least I want to use the Naim with an external USB 2 TB SSD HD which has all my music on it will that be just a simple plug and play .

Hi, the Unitiserve SSD is intended for use with external NAS storage only. The small internal SSD is not for music storage.
It is possible for Naim to change this for a 2TB HDD. It may theoretically be possible to DIY this if you know what you are doing, but this is not as straightforward as it may seem so a return to Naim service dept is likely your best option. The entire OS and firmware is stored on this drive, so you cannot simply swap it for a new one.
Note that for external storage you need a NAS, not a USB drive.

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As far as I’m aware the Unitiserve SSD model was only available with a 16GB SSD.

The reference to 1TB and 2TB relate to the hard disk models and not the SSD version which as @ChrisSU has said rely on external storage on a NAS to store the music.

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Welcome to the forum @Bencat. There is only one thing to do with a US SSD if it is not fully functioning and with some form of warranty - don’t buy it.
US SSD is a great streamer - I have one - but if you do a search of the forum, there is no option for users to do anything to the unit. Many threads on this - search is your friend.
Service department will I believe, still service the unit, your dealer will advise, since all repairs are requested through a dealer, no exceptions. You may consider the cost worth while, ymmv.
Good as the US is, it is long superceded by the Uniti Core. Whatever you feel you may know about swapping drives, it isn’t straight forward in the case of the US, and beyond the forum, you will not be able to obtain Naim’s support for any aspect of your project. There will be no bargain here, best avoid!

ps if you search thoroughly, you may find a forum member who has posted of their endeavours - however to perhaps repeat, any software for disk swaps will not be available, nor iirc can it be copied.

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Oh well that will teach me this is going to be useless for me . Will have to think again .

Yes, if it’s a non-runner you’re probably best off avoiding it.

I understood he said he has bought it already Chris.

Anyway if @Bencat posts here after he has had time to assess it, we can discuss what options he has.

Yes I have bought it and just to be clear the only part not working is the CD drive which I think should be an easy replacement fix . I already have a music server working for over twenty years but have never used a NAS . I presume the Uniti can access over the network so I should be able to point it to my music library and it can access that . As you say and by the way thank you for your consideration to answer you taking time is appreciated when it arrives and I can connect it up and see what I have will see what can be done .

One thing you will need to keep in mind is that the Unitiserve communicates at the network level using SMB1 which is widely deprecated now, for security reasons. So you will need to enable SMB1 on anything that is going to talk to it over your network.

What is your music library stored on?

While you’re waiting you might want to download the manual and have a read. Most of what you need to know is in there.

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You can change out the optical drive without much problem, but the SSD/HDD is a dealer/distributor-only repair.

Currently it is all on an SSD 2TB USD HD .

You can’t just connect this to the Unitiserve, you need to use network storage, unless you have it converted to the internal 2TB HDD version and put the music files on that.

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Right just to answer a few of the suggestions . Already downloaded the manual and had a good read through it is the least I can do as I should do at least some work to get an answer .

Right currently I run a full music system around my various systems and these use Logitech Media Server loaded on an 8GB Raspberry Pi 4 which has a 2 TB SSD HD attached and just works as a Music Server . Looking at the set up I should be able to find this and point the Uniti to it so it can read the library . I also have a 2 TB SSD HD USB connected to my Router and shared on the network to everything connected to it . This has a copy of my music library as well . Between these two I should be able to get the Uniti to recognise one of them . Then I just need to add a new empty folder to this and set that as the MQ destination for the Uniti in case I ever use the cd drive to rip music once i replace it .

I will make some enquiries at local dealers and see if there is any way the internal SSD can be switched to a full 2 TB drive so that if I want I can add the full music Library to that but I suspect that even if i do that I will have to rerip all my CD’s to that which given how many I won will take a very long time but then again I have plenty of that so might just do it over a few months .

So hope this covers what I think up to now . I am very sure that a replacement slot drive sata CD/DVD Rom is easy to source and most are under £40 so not a huge outlay . Replacement from what I can see in the photos of the interior of the Uniti is exactly the same as doing it in a pc which is easy so long as you make sure you note down the removal sequence then just reverse it . As the drive installed is plug and play so long as the replacement is the same should be fine . I also have accept the advice so far that the SSD is not going to be easy to do and will need to be a Dealer repair anyone know how much this would cost ?

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Your dealer (or any Naim dealer) would have to check with Naim and then quote you. But it will be in the region of £500 plus carriage to and from Salisbury. Naim would fix anything that needed fixing for that fixed charge, so they would fit the new CD drive.

Regarding changing the CD drive yourself, I have a vague memory that Naim puts their own firmware on the CD drive. That may not be the case, but these things are not usually as easy to fix yourself as you might expect.

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Think you are mistaken about the CD Drive as this is done by Dealers without sending it off to Salisbury . Also the firmware in CD Roms is very difficult to alter due to the huge production runs and would be very time consuming to have to alter each one before use . From all accounts these are standard either IDE drives (early models) or SATA drives (later models and newer units ) which are pretty universal and not that hard to remove or fit .

You may well be right, but just because it’s difficult and time-consuming wouldn’t stop Naim doing it if they thought it sounded better. These Unitiserves weren’t really ever mass produced.

The drives are adjusted by naim something to do with timing offset?

In terms of what you are trying to achieve, it would appear to be pointing a Logitech device to the untiserve which in turn is going to need to be pointed to a NAS or SMB drive for the music, which the logitech could easily have been pointed too. In essence I don’t think there is a need for a unitiserve in your set up. If you need to rip disks you can pick up portable CD rom drives for peanuts, CEX even sell the genuine apple one for 30 quid now.

I heard the same rather vague musings. The only thing I could think they might do was disable any hardware error correction in the drive so that their software solution would not conflict.

Then again, it might have just been an attempt to put off user replacement by an owner…

Okay finally arrived today and a bit miffed there is no power supply included . So how do you get the case / sleeve off ? Looks like four hex bolts on the rubber feet and another single one on the right as you look at it . Anything else I should know ?