Naim Uniti volume digital or analogue?

Quick q - does the original Uniti have digital or analogue volume? I know the Nova etc are digital

Hi @mathewf1

All Uniti based products have analogue domain volume controls, but the attenuation value wanted is controlled by a cpu. This gives the best of both worlds that modern services that assume ‘digital volume’ work as intended, while the DAC’s full resolution is used.

  • On ‘Green screen’ Uniti and Qute it uses a LM1972 vol IC which is an old fav at Naim.
  • SuperUniti & NAC272 uses a discrete volume circuit as designed inhouse by Naim.
  • Atom uses the LM1972 but with DSP resolution enhancement tech.
  • Star uses the next generation of discrete volume circuit with DSP resolution enhancement.
  • Nova uses an improved version of the Star discrete volume circuit, again with DSP enhancement.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director


Thanks Steve, most informative!

Just to clarify one point, am I correcting in my belief that the Nova digitises all analogue inputs from the get go, whereas the NaimUniti stays within the analogue domain?

Hi @mathewf1

Correct. On Atom, Star and Nova we have a high quality adc implementation so we can get the audio in to the digital domain. Primarily we have a powerful dsp in each and we wanted to ensure all inputs can have the same functionality now and in future software upgrades.

On the older range of products (Qute, Uniti, Superuniti) we don’t have an adc and do a more traditional preamp structure.



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