Naim Unity Atom upgrade

Hi all!

I am relatively new user of Naim Unity Atom which is paired with my KEF LS50 Metas.
I’m currently looking for an existing setup upgrade in terms of incremental sonic gains.
So far, I have upgraded a stock main power cable to MCRU No.75 custom built (still has to burn-in a bit), AudioQuest Type 5 speaker cables, Vibrapods isolation under Atom, subwoofer KEF Kube8 connected through pre-amp output, analog output used for Pro-Ject Phono Box S2 hooked by Ricable Magnus RCA cable.

Anything you guys can advise in terms of sonic improvement?
I know current setup is still sounding pretty good, however, was wondering if anyone using different cables, other accessories, anything else to improve sound of this wonder tiny box? :slight_smile:
Any ideas, comments are really appreciated.


Not than I can think of, but others with far greater experience than me will I’m sure have ideas.

I’m curious about the mcru 75. Their 752 is described as being the replacement for the 75 yet the 75 is still available. Was thinking of getting a few, but uncertain as to which one to opt for. Wondering if anyone else has knowledge on this or has both?

Go and buy a piggy bank. Every time you feel the urge to accessorize your Atom, stick the money in it quick before temptation gets the better of you. Before you know it you’ll have enough to trade your Atom for a Nova :sunglasses:


Didn’t the Atom come with a Naim Powerline Lite?

Yes, all Naim kit is supplied with a Powerline Lite as standard in the UK.

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Thought so. I tried an MCRU mains cable (not sure which one) and it really mangled the sound compared to my Powerline Lite. I took it back the next day and was advised it would take 30 days to run-in [1], I declined and took a Patricia Barber LP instead which sounded fabulous, especially with genuine Naim mains leads!

[1] I accept run-in but only insofar as something is good and gets better with use.

I do find it somewhat annoying having to burn things in for the dealers. It seems to have happened to me a lot in the last year

Yes it did

Had kind of a same feeling when initially replaced the powerline lite… Decided to wait until burn-in ) so far i can hear it’s changing every single day. Let’s see how it goes. Thinking of having an A/B test in a week or so to see if there’s any difference between them.

No. 75 has been advised for Atom by some of the sales engineers in MCRU, so i decided to go with it )

+1. The LS50’s really benefit from more power so get saving for that Nova

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Considering upgrading my speakers to ATC SCM40 in the nearest fiture, that’s where i believe Nova will come right in place. :slight_smile:

Anyone can advise on DC block? Choosing between Audiolab DC Block and iFi DC Power blocker.
Do they make any audible difference? Which one of those will better fit Atom?
Also, is it only me who’s not really hearing any noise out of Atom?

Many thanks!

I’m curious why you might want a DC blocker. Do you have a DC problem?

I also wonder why you feel the need to ‘upgrade’ the PowerLine Lite that comes with the Atom.

Following on from that, what makes you think that the carefully designed Uniti Atom needs Vibrapods underneath it? The Atom’s feet are part of its design, into which went a lot of research and testing.

If all you want is to enjoy your music, using your lovely Atom and speakers, the best advice I can give is to stop fiddling about with accessories you don’t need. And if you really must spend spare money, perhaps consider a donation to the Red Cross or a local food bank. It will make far more of a difference.


If you ever have the opportunity and you are in the UK I suggest that you arrange with your dealer to visit the factory when visits start up again.

What you will learn is that Naim design everything as a complete system, they spend weeks listening to the impact that everything has on the sound of their units, to the feet, cables even the spacing and quantity of the cable ties inside the unit as even minor things actually do influence the sound. Their attention to detail is off the scale. They even have a machine that shakes the cables!

Used with Naim cables, stands etc there is a simplicity to buying and owning Naim, you don’t have to arse about with accessories of dubious quality made by people who understand far less about audio and certainly Naim equipment than the class leading engineers at Naim. At best these accessories change the sound but very few improve it.

As others have said, put money aside for a Nova and don’t think about changing the speakers until you improve the Atom.

When I first joined this forum I found your posts a bit ‘off’.
I’ve since come to treasure them.

I would echo the Nova comments. The uplift is as significant as the price tag demands. If only I’d stopped there…

Thanks folks, appreciate your comments here. Just to be clear, I’m absolutely happy with the sound of Atom+KEFs, so the post has been all about any ideas that would make the setup sound even better (if that’s possible/audible at all :slight_smile: ), if not, then yes, makes total sense to put some money aside for Nova upgrade.
One more question here, does it make sense to get Naim’s NAC A5 speaker cables instead of AQ Type 5? Will the sound be more natural as intended to be by Naim engineers?


If you need a DC blocker the Audiolab unit does work, but pointless if you don’t need it.

There’s a couple of Forum members who have had issues with overheating when using Audioquest Type 5 so it may be worth keeping an eye on that and replacing with something more “Naim friendly” if you can. Having said that I used Go-4 with a Nova for over 3 years and had no issue (Go-4 is Type 4 with the snake oil boxes* attached. Type 5 is an update on Type 4).

  • Sorry, I can’t remember what Audioquest call these or what they do (or don’t).
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You posted as I was typing about Go 5 :slight_smile:
The Audioquest is actually ok, but you can get better, and at lower prices.

Favourites are NACA5, Whichhat Phantom, Tellerium Black II (and Blue II) and Kudos.

I wasn’t taken with NACA5 when I heard it - Both of the TQs sounded good to my ears. I’ve not heard the other two.

I’ve also found Van Damme 6mm OFC to be an improvement on the Audioquest (and at around £3.50 per metre an absolute bargain). Sonically it is in the same class as the others I mentioned.

Awesome, thanks @TallGuy for the suggestions. Will consider that.