Naim vs other brands, why are you here?

As per the title.

Why Naim for you as opposed to other brands?
What is it about Naim that keeps you a Naimie?

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Best forum. Only half-kidding.



For me and from my youth, the half moon green logo caught my attention. (Half moon green = my youth yes! :joy:)
Having not heard any Naim equipment but via reading reviews they became an aspiration. The unusual cd draw always caught my eye also.

I love the fact they are British, hand made and a small passionate company. :+1:t2:


Looking to put together my retirement system a a few years back I researched manufactures of equipment and local stereo/hi-fi shops. Also lead to some forums including this one.

I choose Naim first through the reviews and loved the look of the equipment. When I went and listened to the equipment and the help I received at the dealers it sealed the decision.

Very happy with my system and no plans to head anywhere else…


Not far from the truth

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The prat

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Which individual is that!?


Muso. Gateway drug!


Now that is funny

When I wanted a streamer, I tried the UnitiCute2 at a hi-fi shop, and got that and my Totem Hawks. I like the presentation of Naim and Totem, so have stuck with both brands.


I came to Naim after trying a couple of different tube and ss based systems. While each of these systems did some things better than Naim none were as involving. I prefer the forest over the trees.


Looks (simple and understated…practical in every sense of the word, not the equivalent of audio jewelry)
Sensible and proven means to upgrade (power supplies…also falls under design philosophy)
Cohesion (no matter if the kit is entry-level or crème de la crème in the hierarchy, one can receive in a manner of degrees a refined yet exciting experience—the brand simply offers a unique and beautiful presentation to music)


The proprietary cabling


I don’t own any Naim equipment nor have I listened… however I want to continue my audiophile journey with a company that, I think, will look after my needs in the long term. More over, with a British brand with a great reputation.
My local dealer has some issues with Cyrus… and I hate the android app anyway.
This has pushed me along.
Streaming seems the way to go and Naim seems as good a place to go for streaming hardware as I can think of.
Now I just need an open dealer for a demo…


Ooh, that’s a great answer!
Plug 'n play. Simple as it gets. I should’ve added that, as Naim truly is responsible for ridding me of obsessing over interconnects and PCs, as their own suffice and I never give it a thought.

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I’m only here because the streamers support WiFi. I don’t have a LAN cable to my music room, which most streamers require.

I don’t like all the boxes requiring separate power supplies. I’m trying to minimize, not maximize. Plus they are bland and ugly in my opinion. Would never by their amps or other stuff.

started with the topic highend over 30 years ago and already thought naim was great. but then always had mission cyrus.

5 years ago i was looking for something cool for the kitchen and suddenly naim was back in form of a muso qb.

3 years ago i started listening to music more intensely. i always thought naim was cool and i was also enthusiastic about the naim app and the Rooming with naim devices. thus a second muso qb was added and a star. now i have a nova in the main system and the star in the office. I thought to be able to keep upgrading with naim.

why am i here: to be able to exchange ideas positively and to broaden my perspective. much is written negatively in german forums and companies are only accused of greed for profit. people think positively here. that’s great.


Sorry, I was being sarcastic. Australian humour… the proprietary cables annoy the hell out of me, but it is quite clever on Naim’s part


Like Apple, you can use only Apple :laughing:


I get it. Quite a few find them just as you do, but I’m in the opposite camp for the most part. They just work with the intended design and they’re actually quite good, at that. At least you can use ICs (though not balanced, obviously) of your choosing as an alternative; it’s not completely use a 5-PIN DIN or you’re SOL.

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