Naim x Magico

Just unboxing now.



Well done!

Peder will be along shortly to give you a bollocking for not using Naim Chips :open_mouth:

Hope you enjoy them.


They look like Herbies, very sensible while finding the final position. Not so sure about long term, I’ve not done that comparison. If new and the system is piercingly bright at first don’t worry, they should mellow out in a few weeks.

Yes Herbies for now. Magico supply chips themselves, but as these loosen up I think there will be a bit of pushing them around the floor to try placement options. The plastic on the bottom of the Herbies is good for that.

Nice :sunglasses: The grilles look very much like what Monitor Audio used for their MK1 Platinum Series :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well done Bart. The 6m wait must have been killing you ! And they even threw in a free Magico towel for you as well :smiley:

Bart, they look very nice and very different to your previous speakers. I do hope you are happy with them after the long wait. One tip for you - align the glass and the equipment precisely with the front of the Fraim shelf. Not only will it look better, it should sound better too. I’m assuming you checked that the glass is the right way up when you were building the racks.

A tip I got from Magico about dusting - don’t use the dust cloth on any of the drivers, or touch them in any way. Use aerosol “canned air”, keeping the nossel a good 12-18” away from the drivers.
Best - Bob

they look fantastic! how the sound Bart ?

I only noticed this from the photo. I think that our cleaning people push it around, and my daughter and wife push the glass under the phono stage when they turn it off and on.

I’ve yet to figure out which is the top surface of the glass shelves. I’ve tried ‘knocking’ on them, but they sound the same on both sides. Clearly I’m not doing it right!

I found the same @Bart. No discernible difference knocking on either side of the glass.

You should align the boxes with the glass, and no amount of pushing will alter that, though a good push can shift the glass/box combo backwards.

Of my five glass shelves there is a clear difference between the two sides with four of them but much less so on the other one. I suspect this makes less difference than getting the glass and boxes in the right place in the first place.

Ahh yes I was talking about the glass moving on the balls…not aligning the boxes with the glass was just laziness here!

Clearly you need to raise your standards!


The speakers look superb…congratulations…

I’m sure once settled in they will really make you smile…enjoy

Congratulations Bart!
The A3s look superb and fit nicely your listening environment.
I’m looking forward to reading your first impressions.
Enjoy! :smiley:

:small_blue_diamond:ChrisSU,…Of course,.so I show up as “old man in the box” :grin::joy:.

We say so in Sweden,.hope the translation means the same in English.

:black_small_square:But it’s just Linn Skeet vs Naim Chips that we compared against each other.
Yes,.we have tested other “Chips” as well,…but not so that I want to pronounce myself publicly on the result.


A couple more photos from the evening.

Although these are new and pretty tight, we’re really pleased. Beautiful midrange, really smooth treble that’s all there but not a hint of harshness, and really integrated bass that PUNCHES. The A3’s truly are “full range.” And the coherence among the drivers, and overall soundstage, is fantastic.

And that’s just in the position that the prior speakers were in, plus a few inches further from the back wall. I’m going to pull them into the room a half inch at a time. And I need to see if they want to be a few inches farther apart; they are not so far apart as to create an equilateral triangle.