Naim XS 3 CrossTalk

Hello guys,

I am a happy owner of Naim Nait XS3 since three months.
I had some doubts about this purchase but I just have plugged at home I got a smile on my face.
My HiFi system is Nait XS3, Focal 726v2, Project DC Carbon turntable and a cheap cd player that i am planning to replace.

I write here because of a strange behaviour but I don’t know if this is correct or not.
When the CD player is playing and I change the source, i.e Turner or AV, I hear the music.
The music is very low and it start mainly to be noticeable only when the volume is on 12 (I cannot hear the music at this volume otherwise 5 mins and the cops would knock on my door).

This occurs also with other input and other sources.
I would not have ever expect the crosstalk to such devices so I would like to understand if this happens when you increase to much volume or the channels are not isolated properly for some reason?


I have a XS3 - just tried with a CD in my CD5.

The AV input did exhibit the same behaviour, but volume had to be over 12 as you found. I have a phono stage plugged into the tuner input, so just lots of hiss on that input. Nothing on stream (though I have a streamer plugged into that input) or aux (nothing connected) or phono (nothing connected)

There was a similar thread recently, I think it is “normal” and you’d never experience it in normal use. I’ll try and dig the reference up…

Here you go:

Search button is your friend.

Why would one select a source that they aren’t listening to. :thinking:

Similar comment in the linked thread. I guess people muck about and get surprised? I hadn’t noticed the effect for that reason; I don’t select a source I don’t listen to and don’t often/ever rotate the volume to 12! But happy to try and help curious minds and first posters navigate the strange world that is Naim :slight_smile:


Thanks for answering and testing :slight_smile:

Unlike you, I am experiencing this behaviour with all sources (plugged or not plugged) except the phono. I’ll do some other tests.
Actually this is not a big deal but I wanted to be sure that nothing is broken.

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No worries - I love my XS3 too, as good an amp as most of us need :slight_smile:

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