Naiming Muso!

Hi all,

Long time no post! I hope i find you all well and life is being kind to you.

I moved home in July, and normal service has resumed!

My Ist Gen Muso & Muso QB’s have been renamed in their new home. However…they keep reverting back to their old name from their previous home. How can i permanently rename them so that they don’t revert back. I am naming them via the app.

Your help as always, greatly appreciated!

Hi Dusty, have you tried a factory default reset? I wouldn’t want to guarantee this would work, but it’s what I would try before installing in a new location. You will lose any settings you have configured, though.

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your reply.

Do you mean within the app or the side hole on the Muso itself?

Hi, I was thinking of the Muso via the little hole. Then if you set them up from scratch as new devices with the app, it may perhaps forget the old names.
I guess you could go one step further and delete the app (and with it, any data and settings) and reinstall it.

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Hi Chris,

Bless ya. I think i may go the whole hog, and reset everything…tomorrow as I’m currently enjoying some fine music!

I have exactly the same issue since the update.

In the end i gave up.


I may of “sussed” it. If you find what your Muso IP address in the app, then browse to it in web browser you can then rename that Muso. I did this three days ago and so far it has stayed as “Naimed”!!!
I will keep an eye on it.

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Fingers crossed!

To coin a “Young un” expression…it didn’t work. Back to the drawing board, fingers uncrossed Chris!!!

Factory reset up and coming!!

In other news, reset didn’t work. Resorts back to old name.

Phone call to Mothership in order me thinks.

Hi all,

Phone call to Naim didn’t throw up any thing more than i had already tried.
What we concluded was to delete app on all/any devices. Power off Muso and leave for a minimum of 30 minutes. Power up Muso after given time, reinstall app and set up as new device.
Four days later, re named devices are behaving themselves.

I hope this helps anyone else who might be having similar issues.

Problem solved.

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Fingers still crossed!!

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So, i had to reboot router etc today…guess what…NO…everything reverted back…NO.

Chris i wish i had crossed my fingers.

I give up…it can’t be done

Hi Dusty, this is a bit of a long shot, but when you set up the Musos, did the app discover them automatically, or did you have to add the IP address manually? I have an inkling that if it’s the latter, that may stop you from changing the name as it causes the old name to be cached. Don’t hold your breath, though!

Annoyingly, I have a vague recollection of someone else having this problem, but I can’t remember the details.

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Hi Chris,

Good call! I can’t remember, so i will certainly give it a go, thank you.

Hi Chris

I’m ready to give this another go!!

How do you find the IP address of the Muso prior to installing manually via the app?

You can get it via the app, but I would strongly advise against fixing the IP of anything. It’s not necessary and it opens the door to a world of pain if you don’t fully understand what you are doing.



I wonder if it makes a difference if the Naim is changed in the simple interface you can get to in a browser from a pc, going to the assigned ip address of the mu-so. Here you can change a few settings an the name is one of them. As suggested by another find the assigned ip address of the qb in the Naim app, settings, about.

Hi all,

It would seem that this is a bug within the Muso. I am unsure whether Gen 2 streamers are the same.
I have tried everything you guys have recommended + Naim support and nothing has resolved this simple and yet ineffective request.
Thanks one and all…I give up!!!

Hi Dusty,

Do you use Airplay2 or Apple Home by any chance?

If added to Apple home the Muso name is mastered from the Apple home environment and it will keep on pushing in the old name back into the product.

If you remove the device from Apple Home then set the product name via the Naim app and hopefully all will stick.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director

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