Nait 2, an icon?

I have the opportunity to buy a Nait 2 at a reasonable price. I know nothing about Naim’s early product and therefore wonder if everything seems to be right?
Is it in original condition, or does it look like someone has changed something? Can you say that Nait 2 is an iconic Naim amplifier? It would be fun to have a product from Naim that really stands out and has a historical value! :slight_smile:

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The Nait2 is a milestone icon product. That one looks in good condition.

However, when buying second hand, you can always email Naim support with the serial number.

One thing you have to be careful of is a non Naim certified service. If it has had a service more recent than Naim are aware of, it’s resale value will be dirt. If both Naim and the seller agree it hasn’t been serviced ever, it’ll be in desperate need of a trip back to Naim for recapping. That’s not cheap so should also be reflected in the price.

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Looks good. Usually if gear that old looks that good it’ll have been well taken care of.

You should budget for a recap but there is a chance it may sound fine without it.

9500KR seems a little expensive?

There is one on ebay in Germany for less.

The Nait 2 is a Naim icon, if you really want one buy it and service straight away. With the right speakers and high end source you may find the Nait 2 is all you need.

I have a Nait 2 and would echo the comments above - unless there is paperwork supporting a recent service, these are old bits of kit and you should simply send off for a service before using. On this front i am guilty as charged - mine has not been for a service since new and I won’t use it again until I’ve done so!

The Nait 2 has a low power output which was optimised for LP replay - it is best paired up with an efficient speaker as it does not have the voom vahvoo to drive power hungry speakers.


Richard, you removed the pictures I attached in the thread to show what the amplifier looked like and through the pictures get help from other forum members. Can you please explain why??

I have talked to the owner of the amplifier today, an older nice gentleman from the UK who has lived in Sweden for many years. He bought the Nait from the original, 1st, owner in Germany over 15 years ago, so the amplifier has only had two owners since 1989 (!), That explains the beautiful condition! It is in a completely untouched condition, all parts are original and according to the owner it still sounds very good. However, I wonder if it’s time for a service after all, or can the amplifier still be so good after so many years?

I suspect the advice will be to have it serviced.

I had a Nait 3 almost from new, bought in '97 or '98. Had it serviced in 2018, sounded nice beforehand. Definitely benefited from the service, sounded much tighter on its return.

Peace of mind too, the job sheet showed they replaced more than just capacitors.

Sounds like you’ve found a nicely looked after example, hope to see it on the System Pics thread sometime.

What would a more reasonable price be?

Hi @Bjorn, I will answer on Richard’s behalf - Forum Rules don’t allow references to items for sale.

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Ok! then I know, thanks Geoff :+1:

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Yes, I agree with you, if I am going to buy it, I will probably give it the care it deserves and then I know that it performs at its best.
(If there are no components in it, which were manufactured before but which do not exist today…:sunglasses: )


One thing I noticed with mine was slight imbalance in volume between left and right channels. I’m sure a service would put this right and would not be surprised if you would face similar issues. Not best suited to playing music loud due to power limitations, but lovely sound at moderate levels.


Oh paired with suitably easy to drive speakers it will shake the rafters in a large room. Just hunt for speakers as if you were buying for a valve amp. Omega (what I use with a non Naim 10wpc amp), Zu, Decware, Voxativ, should all be good at real volumes on fleapower as low as 2wpc.


Also, the shoebox Naits are reasonably transparent, even by modern standards, so you can sometimes mix them with modern components to good effect.

Channel imbalance is normal at low volumes

I feed my CB Nait 2 / Allaes with an ND5XS2, speaker cable Phantom with excellent results a real foot tapper.


So did you buy the Nait 2? I have a CB Nait 2 and an early Nait 1. They are fantastic little amps that will be all you require (as many have said) provided you get the speakers right.

Icon? Definitely.


I sold my nait 2 for 90 quid 20 years ago. Sigh.