Nait 2 and headphone amp

Is it possible to put a non Naim headphone amp onto a Nait 2?

Yes, get a din to rca cable for a tape deck and use the tape out for line level to the head phone amp.

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Thank you

Note it should be a DIN cable where the REC OUT pins are connected - this usually has be done to special order. A regular source DIN cable will not work. Alternatively a tape patch cable (DIN - 4 x RCA Phono) will work, just use the other RCA Phono pair.

More can be read about this here:

Interesting Richard, thanks for this. Do you know where I might be able to source such a cable? Nige

Have re read your message and the link. How is a tape out 5 pin any different to a source 5 pin ? Getting confused. :see_no_evil:

Got it now…:crazy_face:.just spoken to Chord. Thanks again

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No… please…not again…I beg you all.

Oh I don’t know, it was quite amusing…
After it was established that my 3, 2, 5 wired plug would not work, the supplier took it back and replaced it with - you guessed it, another 3, 2, 5 wired plug! I resoldered it myself and it’s fine.

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