Nait 2 Owners

I think many would argue that yours has the outputs the right way round, and the other 99.9% of Naim amps have then the wrong way! It only took Naim about 40 years to get round to putting them the right way round on new products.

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Sonically, I always prefer the Nait 3R/Hicap…until I listen to the Nait 2. :wink:

Aesthetically, I like the rounded Nait 3R case. Wish there were rounded case separates.


My CB Nait, been with me nearly 20 years. Can’t see ever selling it, might even add it’s older brother to the collection one day.


Here is a picture of my Nait2

. This picture was taken by my brother who was testing his new wide angle lens.


cat345, you are quite the gardener. Olive thumb, as they say.


my Olive Nait2 CD version


A rarity it would appear from the voting so far.

Sandy your longevity with your Nait 2 is heart warming. I have gone all around the houses over the last 6 years (all Naim) and once again returned to the Nait 2. I could have saved myself a lot of heartache if I had followed your example. It is a wonderful little amp.

Still got those green boots? :wink:

My Nait 2 olive mm - just aware that there is a cd version too


it would be nice to know which speakers you have matched them with.
I paired it with Harbeth P3esr but still waiting for the kudos x2 (they are stopped at customs)

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Most people have their systems listed. Just press their icon. :smiley:

I understood that you’re asking me - I’m pairing with Russel k 120
By the way, I also own Harbeth p3esr and paired with the Nait 2 with a good result


These nice pictures, when coupled with the full serial number, are perfect for scammers, so don’t be surprised to see your pride and joy up for sale on eBay.

It’s always nice to see Nait 2s, which are so iconic. I remember enjoying listening to yours when you bought it round, if I remember correctly.

Morning Nigel.

Point taken and edited. Photos of Naits are everywhere on the web and all buyers should be aware and do their homework (caveat emptor!).

Yes, that was some time ago now when I bought the Neat Motive 1s from you (didn’t work for you or me). The Nait 2 I have now is 2 on from the one that you heard such is this maddening hobby.

I believe I am now at a happy place (like yourself I hope) and I am just enjoying the music (if a DAC comes along at a sensible price…).

Take care.

I don’t know. It may be somewhere in the factory written records though.

Thanks! I don’t own a Nait 2 unfortunately but I am on my third Nait. I had a 5i for a while and very briefly a Nait 1, which I cleaned up and sold. The system now is based around a Supernait 3, which just like the Nait 2 has a rather excellent MM phono stage.

100% aware of your journey Nigel and hope there are no more changes (except for the Tab 10 stands maybe :wink:)

The UQ in the study could do with a proper amp - I’d get a Nait 2 while you can.

I’ll email HQ then or maybe @NeilS would know? Thanks.

Not sure this helps the purpose behind the thread, but CB Nait 2 serial 50008 has been shipped to the far east.

You sold it?