Nait 5

Hi Chaps, I’ve just bought a Nait 5. It has been used with a separate power supply . There is no cable at the rear connecting the input and signal out B. When I plug the amp in nothing happens. Am I right in concluding the missing cable is the cause? Thanks Les

Sounds very much like that is the issue. If it’s not still in the box then you’ll need this type of link plug



Hi Leyton, welcome to the world of Naim.
If its been running with a PSU, I suspect the power to pre section link is missing.
Can you confirm what the Nait-5 variant is.

The above sounds like the solution; friend has just got a 5, he’s had ‘normal’ kit all his life, upon first hearing it with a track he loves; it brought tears to his eyes.
Enjoy your new bit of kit :blush:

Thanks James! Appreciated.

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Hi Mike, thank you. It just says Nait series 5 on the back. Layton

Hi Chaps,
I’ve fitted the link but still nothing. I’m missing something here, I’m sure I am. No light, nothing. It has to be something simple. Help!

Is there a round plug with five pins fitted in Signal Out A ?

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Please get one of those too. All will be well.

If it helps, here’s a picture

No, Mike. It’s missing. It’s just a plug is it? It doesn’t lead anywhere? Thanks

My Nait 5 looked like this. Just a plug.


Thanks Chris. I’ve sent for one. I take it that black socket cover to the right is just a blanking cover?

Brings back fond memories, I had a lot of fun with my NAIT 5, good luck sourcing the link cable, that’s the key to making music…

That’s right. It covers whichever of the two Aux2 sockets is not being used. It’s no biggie if you don’t have one. You just have to remember that both Aux2s should not be connected at the same time. But we are straying into Nait 5-ology PhD territory here :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’m looking forward to hearing it, before I loose any more hair!

Thanks Chris. There can’t be many more things I can try. Once the plug arrives I think it might solve the problem. Haha! Fingers crossed! Knowing my luck I’ll get it working and go deaf…


What loudspeakers are you going to use?

Ha! You are going to love it. It’s where I started in NaimWorld so lots of fond memories. And just lately there seems to have been quite a bit of love expressed for the Nait 5 here. Which was unheard of say, ten years ago.

Enjoy your music.