Nait 50 speakers

We have had several speakers mentioned to pair with the Nait 50. Just wanted to have a thread specific to speaker selection. I went back and forth before deciding on the ProAc K1, nearly went with the ProAc D2R but the wife liked the looks of the K1 much better. What is everyone else using?

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I considered a Nait 50 for my Bedroom system, but went for a MuSo 2.
The system I would have bought however was the 50 fronting an ND5 XS 2 through a pair of PMC Prodigy 1’s. Tested at Basically sound and found to be quite wonderful.
This combination was truly captivating and the Prodigy’s were definitely the Sugar on the top.
I seriously considered this instead of the MuSo🫣


I have bought pair of Falcon LS3/5As. I haven’t hooked everything up yet.


A superb combo!

Great thread, I have some ageing MA 852s that will require replacing, so some ideas here will help.

Neat Petite 30th anniversary

Great pairing with the Nait 50

My dealer has paired up also with the Petite Classic in one of his sound rooms


OMG, I was happy reading the headline news (nSat 50), until I found what its about :flushed:

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+1 for Neat Petite Classics

Saw it demo with Dynaudio Confidence 20 at here, sound pretty nice:

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I’m thinking P3 ESRs, but only because that’s what I have at present. With an Atom.

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Isn’t it clear from the title what this thread is about?

With 1973 out there it would be nice to hear what everyone is doing. Some buying new and others using what they already own.

I’m taking the opportunity to make a fun ‘second system’ with the NAIT50 at its heart.

Peter Swain of Cymbiosis will be putting together a Simon Price cherrywood plinth LP12 for me (using an ARO rebuilt by Linn, not Naim, and an Audio Technica 760SLC MM cartridge), and I have a new pair of Falcon LS3/5As on stands.

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My Guru Juniors sound very good on the end of my Nait 50. Easy to place and really good bass for the size. I received blurb about the new line up just last week and am interested in the Guru 8 (replacement for the Juniors) which is meant to be more detailed. There is also the slightly bigger Guru 12 (also coming this year) which I am told is on another level. Might be worth investigating.


This is a bedroom system for me. I’m at a disadvantage in that my lovely wife insisted upon final say on the speakers. Thus it became “furniture”. I can definitely live with the K1 and the matching stand. Once again I’ve “over speakered”, I always do it, I can’t help myself.

Anyone tried DBLs already?

I will give you a hand in October if hit hasn’t been done beforehand

best wishes


I think you mean you have an Atom at present ?

I have P3ESR and I am getting superb sounds of the combo of P3ESR plus Nait 50

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If it drives Dynaudio Confidence 20s with ease, you can wire pretty anything to it.

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Correct. I’ve got an Atom driving P3s. If I could swap the Atom for the Nait 50, I’d also do it with the P3s. I’d really love to hear a Nait 50 driving C7s, as I used to own a pair of those and they were just wonderful.

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