Nait 50 speakers

I have had my Nait 50 driving my B&W CM1 speakers for a few weeks now and it does sound very good. However the CM1s have some serious shortcomings that I am well aware of (I have had them for a long time now), and I have a set of KEF R3 Metas arriving shortly. If the Nait 50 can drive those, I expect to be a very happy listener!

Linn Keilidhs - sound great and only £300

Linn K20 speaker cable £6/m


In theory , the Atom could be presented with problems by the P3ESR , but this isn’t the first time I have read of them being paired together

Thanks for that

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Although I’m also on the lookout for a speaker upgrade to go with my Nait 50, I’ve yet to find anything in my search that I prefer to my existing (relatively) bargain basement Audiovector QR1 in my room.

Still looking though!

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Using mine with Neat Petite 3s and also with Neat Elite SXs and both the Nait 1 and Nait 50 play very well with these speakers.

Agree :+1:

The new Neat Elite Classics for me. Heard them at the Bristol HiFi show this year and loved them. Thought they would be a good match with the 50 and happy to say I’ve been delighted with them.


Anyone tried Quad ESL57 with the Nait 50? I remember people liked the Nait 1 with the ESL. A Braun LE1 (based on Quad 57) would make a great looking vintage match to the Nait 50!

Currently the Nait 50 is driving SBLs with ND5XS2 as source I’ve also tried SL2s both excellent with the N50.


Nice @HiFiman

How does the Nait 50 compare with the Nait 2 for driving the SBLs?

The Nait 2 within its limits drives the SBLs pretty well but the N50 takes this further and has far better control over the N2, N50 is better amplifier all round.

I still enjoy both though :slightly_smiling_face:


Same source I have on order. Different speakers, but I do like your outfit. Can’t wait.

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I have three pairs of QUAD ESL57s in my ‘big’ system, but it would be too difficult to extract a single pair.

Manfred Stein in Germany can build you a brand new pair, which are at least as good as the old Braun originals were when new.

A NAIT50 and BraunLE1s would be a Bauhaus classic!


I have a new pair of Proac Tab 10 Signatures and they sound great with the Nait50.

I also have an old pair of nSats which would work., too.


I will check Nait 50 in combination with Audio Physic Classic 3 (I used to play it with Cyrus 8.2+psxr2) and Falcon M10 (I used to play it with Supernait 3). The efficiency and aerated midrange speak for the Audio Physic 3, but I love the high tones from the Falcon. We’ll see what I like more in the end.


Has anyone tried high efficiency speakers? The 97dB Spatial X3s are a superb match to my upgraded NAIT2 and negate any need to pfaff around with subwoofers.

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Using my original Kralk Audio BC30’s positioned inside two empty Ikea Expedit squares that has freed up more floor space for further spare Expedit units and therefore more LP’s! Method in the madness :joy:

They were seemingly designed for ‘real’ bookshelves and sound great to me.

I’ve never listened to alternatives as not sure which other speakers would be happy in that situation, I’d welcome any ideas/thoughts on this please.
edit: BC30 not BC1 :joy:


The new Tannoy SGM 10 looks interesting.


Been listening via Focal Aria 906 tonight. Excellent !


I’ve heared them with a xs3 and a nd5xs2. I preferred it to bigger systems.

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