NAIT 50 - successor Nait1

Hi there

I am interested in buying this new one.
This morning I was in front of the door of my dealer in Belgium Cinephil sa at 5100 Namur
But he could not tell me if the Dutch distributor Latham NL would have a sufficient allocation for this one. I have understood these are limited 1973 units all over the world.

Is there anybody out there who has further information about this

Thanks beforehand


Please see the main thread

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Latham is usually sufficiently provided.

Crossed fingers !

Halfway the corona period everyone on this planet was waiting for Atom HE’s - in The Netherlands we were lucky and supplied fast.

Or, come across to the UK and pick one up. The closest naim dealer is less than 10 miles from the channel tunnel.

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Fortunetaly I have succeeded in ordering one through Latham audio NL

Does anybody out there know the shipping month to EU market
June July

Thanks beforehand

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Hi, you’ll need to ask Lathams who can get an estimate from their distributor sales rep.
For example, to cut down on shipping costs, some distributors receive many boxes at once on pallets rather than a smaller shipment. The first option might be impacted by manufacturing delays of other units planned for the same shipment. So your nait 50 might be ready but the whole shipment is waiting on a nap250.

Actually, I wasn’t clear enough.
Indeed Latham audio BV is the distributor for Benelux and the dealer who I ordered from is Cinephil at 5000 Namur
But I heard from my seller Latham audio now is part of a bigger entity that should get roughly 300 units between several countries
The best I can do is to contact Latham I think

Hi there,
Please find hereafter what I have read in the Nait 50 user guide

5.3 Loudspeaker Cable and Connectors
For optimum performance, use Naim NAC A5 speaker cable.
Using cables from other manufacturers may hinder performance or even damage the
integrated amplifier

My cables are both either a pair of 2 m length Nordost red dawncablesor a pair of 3.5 m length Chord Rumour cables
Should these be compatible with the Nait 50
Thanks for your advice

It’s difficult to have 2 threads in parallel.
Please see here

Thanks for this clarification

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