Nait 50 v Atom

Having landed at a near conclusion of my search I wondered what you thought the difference between a Node X or similar with a Nait 50 v Atom. I’m leaning towards the Nait but will there be enough of a difference between the two systems to merit a definite purchase? I know it’s not the first time visiting this subject and i’m sorry for waffling. I won’t ask again I promise. FWIW I’ve decided on Lumina 2 speakers and it’s going into a small room. Thanks and sorry

Why have you asked again when only a month ago you were offered advice and opinions?

Why not just continue with your previous thread?

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Not heard an Atom but the Nait 50 is excellent, as is the Node X. I’m sure they would work well together and I’d lean towards that option if it were me. I’m not really a fan of one box solutions.
One thing to remember is the Nait 50 does not have remote control should that be important to you.

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You’re right I’ve been round the block with this one and I apologise. I’ve narrowed it down to these two systems and really need an expert view on the pros and cons. I’m not the best at finding my old threads. Sorry


Don’t worry , my view is if you buy the Node and Nait , you can upgrade .

If it is any food for thought , i am thinking of a Nait 50 and an Atom HE to add to my Naim Cd player with digital output


I was thinking the same Ian but the headphone stages are the same so I think it might be a bit of overkill. It sounds like a great idea though

Add a 200 Series NAP 250 to your Atom HE.


I am using my Atom HE with the Nait 50 but I believe @Wilfried can help with a direct comparison of the N50 with the Atom.

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That should be wonderful.

On a smaller budget also OC series NAP200 & 250 are nice with the HE.

Don’t forget active speakers, increasingly more choice in these.

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The appeal of a 200 Series being it’s Balanced XLR both ends, it also means the Atom HE can become something else later (NSC222, NAC332 + NSS333)
I don’t own one personally but my expectation would be that a NAIT 50 relies on a high quality source to make it sing (NDX2 etc).
As the OP has the Atom HE already and it offers a lot of functionality, adding the NAP250 adds a lot to the mix, perhaps in ways a NAIT 50 may fall short?
They’re all solid choices realistically, my suggestion is what I would do, not neccessarily what is “best” :wink:


There you a go, a visual version :grin::man_dancing:


… but should say, the Nait 50 does not fall short to my ears:))

They are special I won’t argue with that, but if I already had a Atom HE and enjoy streaming it’s easy enough to NAP it up for something very nice.
I can’t fault my NAP 250 (in my case paired with a Linn Selekt DSM) it has a serious amount of grunt and holds on to the music with ease.


Problem here if I understood correctly is that @Akh666 wants a buy-and-then-forget system at £3000-4000 also extended to vinyl (so no HE, which I believe he has already sold anyway)

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That’s correct the HE went back. I had a total of three and they all went back for one reason or another. I am starting from scratch again. Thanks

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Ahh in which case, I’d lean towards the NAIT 50 and optimise the source to budget, an Atom will always be an Atom, a NAIT 50 with a well thought out source setup can really shine.
I own an Atom and love it but it isn’t something I’d be adding extra bits to (NAP etc)


@Akh666 I’m getting confused. Why have this thread if you already have the thread in HiFi Corner, unless you are trying to get at something different?

Actually two here also, perhaps @Richard.Dane can merge the two (or three) threads?

Dedicated streamer and Nait 50 or Atom has the same OP and same topic here in Streaming Audio.
Then there is indeed also a similar third thread Opinion please Nait v Nait in the Hifi Corner.

@daddycool Great idea. Can @Richard.Dane merge across different forums as would be the case here?

I’m not sure those are the best options to compare, though that may not be helpful.

I’d expect the Node to not be good enough for the Nait 50, and the Nait 50 quite a bit better than a Atom. I’d ever go a ND5 XS2 with the Nait 50, or a Nova.

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