Nait 5i volume control motor will not stop turning

After years of happy listening I turned my nait5i on and the motor on the volume control will not stop trying to lower the volume.

The volume buttons on the remote control seem to have no effect. I have shielded the IR receiver on the amp in case another remote controller in the room is causing the problem.

My next step is to take the amp to a dealer and I fear that they will need to send it back to the factory.

Has anyone experienced anything like this?

Try a reset:

Reset procedure for the Nait5i, i & si:
As per the link above, instead hold “CD” & “AV” while switching on.


Sadly there is no change, but thanks very much for the suggestion.

If I lived in the UK I would without doubt return the unit to the factory and I am certain it would be returned as good as new. However, living in Germany makes shipping out of the EU problematic.

Since the function of the amp is unimpaired I am tempted to get my local flagship NAIM store to simply disconnect the power to the volume servo motor. I hope I am not being heretical but at least this approach uses qualified technicians and it is practical.

Talk to focal/Naim Germany (used to be musicline), they take care of servicing, it shouldn’t need to come back to the uk.

Thank you for your assurance that servicing can happen here in Germany :slight_smile:

I did go to an authorised dealer in Berlin and the service was exceptional.

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