Nait disaster

Also my experience, recently again with the AO tonearm cable, will be switched out soon.

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I think the OP is very lucky indeed. They seem to have won the Naim lottery. And let’s not forget, the orginal Nait still legally belongs to them. If it turns up, they’ll have two iconic bits of kit.

Shoebox super integrateds are a thing of immense joy regardless of the manufacturer. There are integrated amps at $30k yes. But in a shoebox size, the $5k mark is about the price ceiling and the reduced functionality shines through in the higher performance of the few functions they do provide.

This is why, relative to other bits of hifi, fewer shoeboxes of anything hit the second hand market. They elicit affection from the owners in a way more exotic bigger components often don’t.

The 50 is by far the most appealing product Naim have released in perhaps the last two decades. You really lucked out.


I’m with you feeling_zen on your last 2 sentences.

It’s brilliant


Got a call today
50 is at my dealer
Collecting tomorrow from Dave at the audio counsel
May ask about streaming and what do I do with my cd collection

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No need. Just plug your CD player into the streamer input.


Thanks Simon for your (as always) differentiated answer. As mentioned elsewhere(Click here) , I bought a Neotech NEVD-1001 silver coax BNC cable and don’t feel it sounds harsh or unbalanced in my system and with my ears.

Hi… I was not talking about SPDIF cables… I was referring to screened/coaxial audio interconnects.
I doubt you would hear much difference with a 75 ohm coax lead SPDIF lead… by definition it has a fixed characteristic impedance.

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Ok thanks. I thought to your statement “avoid silver plated coax cable” belongs to the connection between NDX2 to Dave. I had assigned that incorrectly.

Nellys home
It was an emotional trip to the dealer
I’ll post the final chapter later


Congrats. :+1:t2:
Look forward to that. :partying_face:
No amount of compensation would make up for that gut feeling not knowing. :sweat_smile:


Erm, I’m confused (not difficult).

I thought you were gettin’ a Nait 50 yesterday… ?


Home in situ


New cd player
Courtesy of Dave at audio counsel
New 2x 7.5m naca5 from the lads at signals
Thx to you both for your help in last few days and in Dave’s case
Since 1987


Like I said I didn’t think this would be simple but I’m glad of the happy outcome. :partying_face: :+1:t2:

Can I suggest the first track played is this …

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Dave at Audio Counsel is a great guy.

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Thats… not a Nait 50… :thinking:

Someone has found your original CB Nait…??? :astonished: :open_mouth: :smiley:

Well Done, whoever, etc… :slightly_smiling_face:

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So, forget the emotional attachment what would Nait owners/listeners do? Keep the 50 or keep the original?

It’s only original once. :+1:t2:
If I wanted a shoebox size then if had nothing might have bought Nait 50