Name A Film With A Great Soundtrack

Midnight in Paris must be mentioned too.

Bugsy Malone
Blues Brothers

And +1 for Thom Yorkes Susperia

Sublime indeed. This brilliant BBC proms performance starts after the trailer at 1:00.

Many of my favourites have already been mentioned. But just in case it is not yet listed:

The Wall

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A few more:
A Clockwork Orange
Twin Peaks
Henry & June
Jackie Brown
Lost Highway
The Talented Mr. Ripley


Jaws, ET, any Indiana Jones film, any Star Wars film (the original trilogy in particular), Jurassic Park, Hook, Tintin, Superman (1978), the first Harry Potter film, Schindler’s List, Far & Away, Sabrina (1995).

Common feature? All music composed by the glorious John Williams.




American Honey

I realise that this has been said already a few times, but I would also like to suggest 2001: A Space Odyssey.

For what it is worth, I think the greatest film ever made, perfect in every way and of course with a fine soundtrack. But more than that, it is almost the perfect soundtrack, [SPOILER ALERT] from the plains of Africa; to the remarkable use of Also sprach Zarathustra representing the various interventions by the alien intelligence; the balletic movements of the spacecraft on Floyd’s journey up to Clavius; the wonderfully serene Gayane ballet suite onboard Discovery, which just captures the mood right, and of course the masterly use of Ligeti’s music, including the remarkable Star Gate sequences (over which Kubrick got into legal trouble, but he and Ligeti later became friends).

It is all good, but I think the use of The blue Danube with the docking scene is the perfect coming together of music and film, one of the classic scenes in all film history. Kubrick, a genius on every level, but boy, he knew how to use music to enhance film.


Notable mentions also for: The Big Country, 633 Squadron and Superman. All three get the hairs up on the back of my neck, which I guess was the point.

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Great underwater movie jazz

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The Graduate - S&G
The Harder they come - Jimmy Cliff
Dirty Dancing - mixed
The best years of our lives

  • a special shout-out to the soundtrack (often background music) to WKRP IN CINCINATTI.
    The original music was often spot-on for the show, due to legal issues much of it was re-dubbed later. Ots, if you want to see one of the funniest 1/2 hrs. of sit-com youtube wkrp thanksgiving show and realize all of the characters stayed in character so you could really imagine each one acting that way and you should have some knowledge of the reporting of the Hindenburg disaster (sadly, my adult nephew had no understanding of that (not so subtle) use in this show.
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Then you would love the ‘FM’ soundtrack. Pretty much the genre and era of WKRP, plus the remastering on the LP was fantastic.
Off the top of my head, one of my favorite soundtracks that have not already been mentioned is ‘One Trick Pony’. One of Paul Simons last ‘great’ albums that followed ‘Still Crazy’. From that point onwards, he last the folkie charm and moved onto something completely different.

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One of the funny (but not so implausible now) openings on wkrp was as the stations are changed, they stop on a news broadcast - “the senator swears he was not drunk but couldn’t explain why he was naked.”


-Himalaya l’enfance d’un chef
-The Last Samouraï

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Chitty Chitty Band Bang
The Jungle Book
Buster Scruggs
Willy Wonka


Whilst Blade Runner crops up many times , what about Vangelis’s score for Chariots Of Fire?

And whilst not a film, has anybody noticed how good the music is for the last series of GoT?


Dead Presidents