NAP 135 with NAC 82

Hi All,

I am new to the 135s, is it correct that it is not possible for the 135s to be connected to the 82 directly, I will need at least a Hi-Cap between the 82 and 135s?

Yes, you’re correct in that you will need a power supply to power the 82 (In addition to the NAPSC).

A Hicap would do the job and provide the two DIN4 outputs needed to connect the 135s.


Thank you so much.
I have the 82/180 and recently got the 135s and just got them recapped and returned.
I guess I will need to source for a hi-cap now.

For me your source is not up to your 82 and your 82 is not up to your 135s. I realise that it’s too late now but an NDX2/82/180 should be a better system. Just my opinion of course and the addition of a Hicap will certainly help.

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I do agree with you and I do love the 82/180
I started from 90/92 since it was launched and slowly moved to this, long journey and more to go as the size of my listening room and ears changes. :grin:


135s are great - well above a 250 and roughly comparable with (but different from) a 300DR imho.

An 82 is good but will be shown up by/ not make full use of the 135s. The ideal choice here is a 52 - it’s what I use and I wouldn’t change it for the more modern 252. If you will get a 52 at some stage, it will need a Supercap, not a Hicap.

Given all that, I’d suggest that you do not get a Hicap now for the 82. A Supercap will make the 82 better than a Hicap can. Also, if and when you swap 82 for 52, the Supercap will still be the PS you want.

There is a conversation to be had on sources too, and you might well opt to make changes there ahead of swapping your 82 for a 52. However, getting a Supercap now (instead of a Hicap that you may well want to sell again fairly soon) still looks to be the right answer.

The conversation can get even more complicated because some reckon that a 52 works better with the 52PS that came with early 52s. However that gap is more marginal - unlike the gap between 82 and 52.

Good luck!


Agree with Nick above. I got my Olive gear (as was) in stages, according to what was available at the time (s/h,obviously).

If you have funds available, I would aim for a 52/Supercap in whatever order you are able to source them. A 52PS is much rarer than a Supercap.

If necessary, get the 52 serviced with the Pots8 upgrade. The 52/135s is a formidable combination, and one I had for 16 years.

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Also worth noting IF you go down the 52/supercap route, 52’s sold on their own is unusual, they are usually sold as a two box item which would leave you with a spare supercap if you bought one to go with your 82. Having said that you could sell the spare supercap very easily, but it might slow your upgrading progress down a bit.

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Agree with Nick and BigAI
Yes the upgrading process is very much dependent on what comes along.
I was offered an early model 52 and 52PS but the early remote control is extremely hard to find and I had to let it pass, awhile later came the 135s which I grab fearing a nice pair may not come again.

NDX2 are pretty easy to find but the nostalgic part of me would like to complete the system with the 52 / SC first.

I can always remember listening to the 52 / 135 at a sight & sound exhibition many years back and I guess I am slowly trying to get there.

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Good point on the supercap.

Just to offer a counterpoint, I used 82/HiCap/135s for over 20 years, I found it a really musical combination. It fronted first Es14 speakers and then B&W804S, it brought out the liveliness of the Epos and controlled the B&Ws superbly. I even had an NDX fronting it for a while, and it made music sound great.
Don’t get me wrong, the 52 I now use is a big step up, but the 82/135s is a fantastic amp combination.


I don’t think you’ll find many reviews of “third party” PSUs on this forum as discussion of them is forbidden.

You will be aware that you can power the 82 in a number of ways, from a suitable amp (as you are doing with the 180), 1 x HC, 2 x HC, SC.

As you go up the PSU “ladder” the sound does indeed get better (and yes, I’ve tried them all, even 1 x Flatcap :grin: ).

1 x HC → 2 x HC gives an significant uplift
2 x HC → SC gives a smaller uplift - but results in fewer boxes………………

Secondhand “olive” HC on the infamous auction site go for around £450-500, and SC for around £1100-1200.

FWIW, I run my 82 from a Supercap.


A learning remote can learn the early remote codes. I use one as my early has intermittent issues that are temperature related. This shouldn’t be a showstopper. There’s bound to be some helpful soul around who could lend an early or programme a new remote if required.

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I found it was a massive upgrade, but not in hifi way, just sublime


If you can find a Supercap go for that,I prefer Nac 82/Supercap to the Nac 52´s I’ve had ,both into Nap 135 and Nap 500.
I would recommend to skip the Nac 52 and go straight to Nac552, if you want to upgrade in the future.

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It’s not a common view, but you may have highlighted how much these things require giving options a listen with your own ears - as you clearly have.


82, 52, 552…

Aim high. Go straight to the Statement S1 preamp.

It has a built in PSU so no need for an external Hicap or Supercap. Two DIN4 outputs too, so ready to connect straight to the 135s.

A nice, simple, 3 box amp setup :wink:


I was about to chime in with advice to the OP, but Nick has said already all that I could say.

FWIW, I have an NAC52 with two NAP135s, and they make lovely, sweet music together, but can be persuaded to play ‘ugly’ when the likes of Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ are spinning on the LP12. It’s possible to buy ‘better’ and ‘more expensive’ amp combos from Naim (and others), but I’ll never change mine - although, at over 30 years’ old, they’re well overdue a return to Salisbury for service/recap, I think.

I’ve never heard an NAC82 front up a pair of NAP135s. I imagine that it’s capable of doing so, but the 52/135s is a fantastic combination, and the one to go for, in my opinion.

Incidentally, I certainly do not subscribe to the idea that a 52PS is ‘better’ than a 52/Supercap, so I really wouldn’t go chasing down that rabbit hole.


Nac 72, Hicap, 2x135 sound phantabulous too. I’ve heared that into IBL’s. IBL’s do bass :slight_smile:


I agree. The NAC72 is a great control amp, a real sweet spot in the range, and doesn’t always get the praise that it deserves. And it’s shoebox size, which was always a Naim style classic.

The NAC52 is quite a bit better - sound wise and in choice of inputs - but so it should be, given their relative prices of admission.

I imagine also that it’s easier (and it’s certainly a lot less expensive) to pick up a good S/H 72 than a 52 these days, as both are long deleted from the range.