NAP 140 - 28 Years Young....!

In anticipation of a trip northwards, for some servicing (at Class A), I have re-shuffled my boxes. I removed the due-for-service HiCap - and ‘singled’ my 82. Sounded fine, running on just one good/still-in-date HiCap, rather than my usual two. (Some will say that 2 HiCaps on an 82 or 282. is not worth it. But there we are…)

Then, I thought I should make sure my 1992 vintage, never-been-serviced (AFAIK) 140 actually still worked… So… out with the 250 and in with the 140. OMG. Work… Bloomin 'eck it does…! Clearly will not have the weight & control of a 250, but not bad, at all… After ‘only’ 28 Years.

I will try to ask Darran to see if there is any sign of previous servicing, on it, when I go north. But meanwhile, I shall just give it a bit of a run… And it will be interesting to find out how it sounds, once its ‘re-capped’.

Enjoy your vintage Naims…!



It’s surprising the 140 gets as close to the 250 as it does.

It has got a CDX2 and an 82 feeding it…! I am sure a more rigorous comparison would show where the 250 scores.

I preferred the 140 over the 200 fed by a Nac 72 / hicap in to SBL’s. Both good, but the 140 sounded more organic. I tried the 140 feeding the bmr units of my ovators, but I could not crank up the volume as much as with the 200.

Synergy is important.

Oh, and the Nap 140’s go for too much money these days. Only 100 GBP extra and you have a Nait 1 or 2.

Should I feel guilty, having bought my 140 for less than £290…? (in 2009)

Not at all!

OK, I won’t then… Will feel just slightly smug instead… :slight_smile:

My 140 made me sell my 250dr !

It made me see how little difference there was and that the money could be spent better elsewhere in the system

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