NAP140 - 28 Years Old - Part The Second

Here’s Part One:

Part 2 starts today. My 140 has been up to Class A and seen Darran… Apparently he was the first n side it, since Sailsbury built it - as I suspected…!!

Currently powered & running (in) - sounding rather fine…

Thanks Darran…!! :slightly_smiling_face:

PS. A HiCap was also involved… :expressionless:


Good news. Great amp !

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My Nap140 is a youngster at 24! Serviced in 2018 it sounds great. I asked the forum whether a Nap 200 would be an upgrade and received a resounding no!


And quite rightly too!!.. especially if it’s not being asked to power a preamp as well

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I have a power supply for the Pre but I dare not speak its name…


Confessions are held every Thursday, from 7-30pm. You should face towards Salisbury, confess for your non-Naim PSU and pay the required penance… (to be determined by Naim Audio)… :thinking:

You can avoid this by removing your non-Naim PSU and making immediate efforts to purchase an approved unit, such as a HiCap… :grin:

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yes ,it would :sweat_smile:
But I’ve fond memories of it until I tried a 180.

I bought my first 140 in 1986 along with a 62 pre, added a single (pre-loved) Hi-Cap total cost £1000. These travelled with me around the world, one chance purchase was the entire vinyl record collection of Bahrain radio (10k pieces) bought for a snip and brought to life by this lovely amp and an LP12. 19 years of joyous music later I decided to go active with a pair of SBL’s and bought a second 140. It worked well. but the lust for an upgrade drove me to sell (£1450 for the original and £400 for the second 140, so a profit after 20 years.) I have been climbing and upgrading ever since now with a 252/SC, pair of 250DR’s, NDX2/XPS DR and active SL2’s. The sound is better, much better but so many boxes! The parties are perhaps less lively though. By chance I heard my original 3 box set up again a few days ago, still working perfectly (return visit to Naim) and looking like new 32 years on and still champing at the bit for a party when the current restrictions are lifted. No regrets with what I have now but that set up was incredible value for money and I do wonder of the set up I now have will make me a profit in 20 years time?


Quite a story! Got any tips for transporting vinyl overseas?

Depends where you need it sending. My brother in law want his vinyl sent from the uk to Japan. 10 of the old style vinyl carry cases. £90 per box.
I think he only wants them to stop me pilfering them.:joy::joy::joy:

The local daily paper in Bahrain (Gulf Daily News) carried an ad one weekend, 'Bahrian Radio record collection for sale… ’ My wife spotted it, and so late in the day I went to the address to find that nothing had been sold and the whole collections was about to be dumped. I offered them 100BD (about £150) if they would give me time to get it moved which they agreed, and so in a panic I had our gardeners load up their truck and off we went. This was a lot of vinyl and it filled our large (10mx5m)living room and a spare bedroom.
I actually I split the collection so it was shipped in several ways. About 2k albums were Motown recordings and being a Middle East radio station were virtually unplayed. Motown is not my thing, so I sold these to a collector in Holland. These were shipped by a local freight company boxed aabout 100 to a box, and cost about £200(1996). Many of the albums had been played heavily and were in very bad condition and went to the tip(3k or so). There were many duplicates of my existing collection (2k or so) and these went to various homes and the balance I still have including some quite rare BBC recordings of weekly chart shows through the 1970’s and 1980’s.
When I moved from Bahrain to Dubai, the collection travelled by container and then from Dubia back to the UK, same thing so. So tips. Good boxes of the correct size, no more than 100 LP’s per box otherwise they are too heavy to move, box them in the order you will store them and label the boxes carefully. Negotiate the price per box if you use a shipper as it is easy to add a palet to a shipment for not too much money, and give ypurself time to ship by land/sea. Now of course I have a dilemma. a large recod collection, top spec LP12 and I manily stream from a NAS drive! Do I keep it or ship it one last time to somebody who will love it more?


Really amazing, the whole story. When I moved from the US to the UK I was told there could be no guarantees on the temperature of air transport or storage for a couple of nights on each end, and thus vinyl would be a big risk and shouldn’t be moved. So my record collection remains with my father, where most of it began in the first place. Someday I may reconsider moving them although now at much greater expense, I’d imagine.

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