Nap 200/ Nac 202 product History

Ok, so I have been looking on the Naim product history regarding the changes to these products over the years. Of which there are obviously not many!

I will start with the Nap 200. I read somewhere that this was updated in 2015 to include the DR modification. Is this the only recent update? I purchased a used one from 2017. Serial no begins with 419. Is this the most recent version?
The website doesn’t seem to have this information.

It says that 2002 is the latest.

Next up, the Nac 202 is on my hit list and I would like to know if there have been any updates to this since 2002? The website doesn’t seem to indicate any changes, however, I have seen items for sale with very different remotes… is this just the remote changes or has there been anything internal?

I deduced that a post 2015 version was a safe bet for the Nap 200, what would you say is a good timeframe to aim for with a 202?

Many thanks


Not sure but I think all DR’d stuff has it printed on the back of your panel.

Cheers Pete. I know that the amp is DR. This I made sure of when buying. Just not sure about other changes in the timeline.

Does the pre also have to be DR?

Naim haven’t made a lot of changes with any of the prep/power amps for a long while. The website usually updates the info if there’s any changes.

Only change to the 200 was DR. No changes to the 202 I’m aware of. Caps and resistors are updated when something becomes unavailable or something better comes along. Not sure that’s worth updating the site for.

Sure, however, the site is updated for the 250, 300, etc to include the DR addition but not the 200. Which I know was updated. So it is a bit unclear.

So the 202 is the same, bar the remote. I would imagine that a new remote can be purchased and will work with older units?

The 200 and 200 DR are effectively the same amp. The only change was to replace the older LM317 based regulator for a new DR module which can provide a single rail 24v supply to a Naim preamp if needed.

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The NAC202 is essentially unchanged bar one or two very minor production changes (IIRC one slightly lessened the switch on/off thump when powered directly from a power amp) and of course the move to ROHS compliance.

As for the remote, any Narcom will work fine - which Narcom came with the NAC202 will depend on when it was made.

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Brilliant. Thanks Richard. Just what I wanted to know. So a good condition older unit with a service and a new remote is a bit of a bargain.

Mark - not sure what your future plans are for a source, but it might be worth looking out for a 282. It already comes with an NAPSC (which is an optional upgrade for the 202) and it’ll work nicely with your 200DR with plenty of upgrade options in the future. IMHO it’s one of Naim’s best value pre-amps, especially if you can find a recently serviced, pre-loved example.


Great suggestion I had one one my 202 and it definitely made a difference.

Edit, before someone corrects me the NAPSC works with the pre amp in my case it was an olive 102.

No can do. I’m sure it’s amazing but I am going for the 202/200 so I can get reasonably priced used units and up the ante on the source next year or the year after and get an NDX2. I will run them as a 3 box system and forget about power supply upgrades until my wife has forgotten about the last few years of hifi madness and speaker building etc.

I should probably add that the 200/202/NDX is me upping the ante on an xs3 system which was the previous plan.

I started my journey with a 202/200 (then non DR)

I kept my 200 for 10 years paired with both 202 & 282 - also as @james_n & @Pete_the_painter if you can find a good pre owned NAPSC (just keep it away from any sources) for the 202 - I also had HCDR for pre as my 200 was non DR

enjoy the journey


Yes Thankyou, the NAPSC will be the next next step. I am aware that it is highly recommended. I will save the power supply upgrades to settle the urge in the future. We must try to enjoy each step for as long as possible.

The NAPSC is tiny and can be hidden away, so you could still have a ‘3 box’ NDX2/282/200 system :grinning:

Sounds like you have a good plan so good luck with finding whatever pre-amp you choose :+1:

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I could…… but I’d rather have a wife also. :joy:


A dealer once said to me that the 202/200 was where the real value lies in Naim’s range. Experience has shown me that I agree.

202/200 seems really overlooked here on the forum but I suspect that out there in the real world, approaching £5000 at new prices is considered enough for an amplifier.

A super amplifier. Good luck.


I agree with this, the 202/200 is an amp I could happily live with. Sure, the 282 is better, but whenever someone mentions the 202 here people always start going on about how you should get a 282 instead which seems to get the 202 a bad reputation which, in my opinion, it doesn’t deserve.


What a wonderful system and you’ll enjoy every moment (mines just about the same) - for the price of a napsc (even pre loved - which is included in a 200 service cost, if sent to Darren) get one, does make a difference.
You’ll be in heaven :relaxed: