Nap 200/ Nac 202 product History

Totally agree. Whilst I will be moving on I’ve had mine for 13 years.

I’m bored saying this but whilst the 282 appears a step up for some it’s a little too glassy for others and unbalances a setup where there is near perfect synergy. Know what you want; why you want it and go for it.

Whilst there’s a hard core of Naim owners who pop up at this point to state how long they’ve had their 282/200 setup the reality is that the number is ever diminishing. Not everyone wants a life of perpetual alleged upgrades.

I would say however that I would not have a 202/200 without a NAPSC at minimum. I found the combination didn’t appeal at all until the NAPSC was added. I would consider that the minimum setup here rather than bare 202/200.


I don’t disagree that 202/200 is a good combo with great synergy between pre and power - I’m sure many would be very happy to stop there.

I was just suggesting if the OP was wanting to go on the upgrade path in the future, then the 282 is a more flexible option here. With a 202/200 once you’ve added a NAPSC and Hicap then there is nowhere else to go without a change of pre-amp. With a 282, you could start off with a 200DR, then add a Hicap, go to a 250DR, add a Supercap DR, move to a 300DR…

It’s just a very flexible pre-amp.

After hanging around on the forum for a while it’s been quite obvious that I would not be satisfied until having lived with some of the classic range. If I had to buy them all new it would be out of the question but buying them used really does offer some amazing value. I think my speakers are deserving of at least this level of system. It’s taken me a while to decide but it’s good to know where I’m heading.


I have really thought long and hard about the whole power supply upgrade path and initially wanted to stay clear of the idea. I have now come to the conclusion that it is actually a good way of satisfying the upgrade bug once it bites without having to shell out a fortune or sell gear on and loose money.

Haha. Wanted to stay away from the whole power supply upgrade? You ate in the wrong place with the wrong audio company!
Yes, it’s both a blessing and a curse. We have all been there. FC, HC, Hcx2,SC…xpsdr, 555. Naims prospers on this drug. There is no escape. No Betty Ford clinic. When the fun stops, stop. Until the next time.


I’d support Mike’s recommendation of the napsc; I wouldn’t want a 202 without one. It may also be worth throwing the Supernait 2 or 3 into the options list. Fewer boxes, fewer wires, fewer temptations to upgrade. The 3 (and maybe 2 as well) has a greater usable range on the volume control than the 202.

I will be adding one. That is certain. If I use it without one for a while then I will be more satisfied by its addition when the time comes. I am sure the performance will still better that of my Atom without. I did consider the supernaits. In the end it came down to cost. I can get the pre and power for a better price than I could a supernait, and I can split the cost between two separate purchases. Also I am under the impression that the addition of a few power supplies can lead to better sound (?). Plus I have already purchased the 200DR.

Ah, I hadn’t realised you already had the 200DR. In that case, the 202 and napsc make perfect sense. I’m sure you know that you should keep the 202 away from the 200 and napsc for best sound.

How far away are we talking? Is there a recommended vertical distance or should they ideally be side by side due to the transformer field? Might be a good excuse to build another new rack. I built this recently to match the colour of my speakers. A spare shelf waiting for the 200.

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Side by side is fine, with the 200 on the right. Or 202 above the 200 with a reasonable distance between, say 6” or more. The most important thing is not to put one on top of the other, but then you know that already I’m sure.

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Hi Mark, This is exactly the system I have, plus a HICAP and NAPSC. The NDX2/202/200 is a great combo. I love it!

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I have been guilty of this in the past!

Where the suggestion makes perfect sense though is where a poster is considering a new 202 and they may have overlooked that a used 282 will be very similar in price to secure with a very significant improvement.

Cheers Neil. Can I ask, what does the HICAP power?

The Hicap powers the 202. All of it, unless you add the optional NAPSC to provide separate power to the digital circuits.
So it does the same job as the preamp PSU built into the 200, but being a beefed up dual rail supply, decoupled by being in a separate box, it does it better.

Why not familiarise yourself with the product pages for NAC202, NAP200DR and HC-DR on the Naim website. NAPSC too, if it helps. Take some of the stress of yourself. Hear it from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

Excellent choice Mark nice setup however a bit of a heads up here, there will be plenty of posters on here that state oh you need to upgrade and anything less than a 500 and nac 552 is where you need to be … seen it many many times … just a thought

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So many choices, but if you are talking new 202, I’d consider used 82 and hicap as an alternative. They wont look out of place against the 200DR and will sound significantly better imo. If used 202 still consider a used hicap to accompany it.

Thank you. Having been on here a little while I expected the advice on upgrades even before purchase. It just seems to be the way of things on here. There are many people with many different budgets. I have found the best way is just to read all the info and siphon out what is relevant to you.

The reality is that my speakers produce a big sound that is so undistorted and clean that even with my Atom I am probably a lot closer to the actual live event than most, even with astronomically priced systems but smaller speakers. To me, this large undistorted soundstage and clean deep bass even at low volumes is what I want from a system. Obviously there are advantages that an expensive system brings but IME a bigger speaker just does things that even a 6/8 inch floor stander never can. I’m sure you have heard big speakers at shows. A 12” driver makes A kick drum sound real! Double bass is clean, detailed and free from boom. A 15” even better! Midrange coming from a 6”+ 8” playing together just has so much presence and naturalness.

I am currently rebuilding my 5” Scan Speak bookshelf speakers and when I am finished I am going to do a YouTube video comparing the sound with both when played through my Atom. It is quite amazing. It is literally like comparing a hifi system with a live performance. The little bookshelf speakers need much more driving to sound good and this is what Naim takes advantage of.

The truth is that I am actually really satisfied with the Atom. I just want the Atom for my bookshelf’s as a second system and want to get something a little better for the big speakers. The nap 200/202 just seems to be really good value when reading between the lines and is actually affordable for me.

Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it, but you must understand that I come from a very different mindset when it comes to systems. So much so that I find it very difficult to read many of the posts on here. I feel that if more people had larger more sensitive speakers with bigger drivers then I believe there would be less upgrades and more satisfaction, but that wouldn’t be good for a Naim. I love Naim stuff and I have never enjoyed music more, but speakers are too often overlooked on this forum.



Until we don’t hear better, we can’t imagine it can be better. Even if the Atom is very good, better electronics will reveal much more your speakers. And specially a better source in your case.
Very good and expensive speakers are nothing without the matching electronics.
I don’t think this forum is overlooking the speakers. It’s just that a lot of people here , from experience, have observed that it’s better to have high quality source and electronics with average speakers than the contrary.
It’s also my experience.

I have just realised you are the guy who has built the gorgeous big floorstanding speakers in the Systempics thread. If they have a flat impedance curve as well as being efficient, I’m starting to wonder if you might be better off with, say, an NDS and a Nait.

I say this because a senior bod at Chord Co once said to me that ‘Naim amps need something to push against.’ Given Naim’s early amplifier involvement in driving speakers in radio studios in the 70s, this has always made sense to me.

Hope it works out whichever path you choose.