Nap 250 & Chord signature Cable lenght

I know, there is a lot of rumours with cable lenght and so on… Also i have been reading a lot, but still not quite sure… There is some rumors about lenght (not realy important no more…) with newer Nap’s…
I have a Naim Nap 250 from 2005 and a ProAc 3.5.
I got a good offer for a used Chord Signature Cable, but this is only about 2.5m long.
So i would be greatfull for you’re opinions and tecnical reasons - thanks for this!

See the FAQ.

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The advice about minimum and optimal lengths of NACA5 (at 3.5m and 5 to 10m respectively) still stands for all NAPs. It’s the Unitis and Naits where Naim do not make this recommendation. If I were you, I wouldn’t do it.

Thanks ChrisSU, now i got it. :slight_smile:

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