Nap200/250 for Contour 20i

Having a setup with Nac282+HicapDr+Nd5xs2+Nap200Dr
Speakers Dynaudio Contour 20i + Dynaudio Sub6
I’m very satisfied, except a bit lack of bass specially in lower volumes. Want a more punchy base.
Is it my 200 that’s to small ?
Suggestions please !

Definitely not the speakers … maybe some other kits

Dynaudio are power hungry

Assuming room placement is good (critical factor) seek out a 250DR, your Dyns will love it!


You aren’t going to get speed and punch out of Dynaudio’s current Contour line. That is one of their weak points. I’d suggest changing your speakers. A 250 DR will be an upgrade overall, but I’d bet you still won’t be satisfied.

I’ve had good results on Contour with the 250 and 250 DR. Currently use 300 DR - more than enough punch. I would agree that the 250 should be a good match.

You will need minimum a 300

I’ve worked with that for a while and you are definetely right. When I thought I found the spot for the speakers, I finally asked my Hifi-dealer ( who work with speakerplacement) to come over to get his opinion. We worked together for a few hours, and the whole room started singing , amazing.
But the bass is still a bit thin, with some recordings it’s there but I think there is a bit more to get…

When I moved from 282/200 to 282/250DR I was a bit disappointed. I’d heard the 250 giving that improved low end grunt in other rooms, but it didn’t work for me and I eventually moved on to a different amp.
I’m now using a different room, and critically, different speakers, and I’m getting the low end performance I was looking for. So much so that I no longer bother with a subwoofer.

Another suggestion: put an NDAC on your ND5XS2 and you’ll get a big uplift in low end boogie factor!


And any news with your 300 series humming? Have you find something to decrease it ?

I’ve been busy with other things recently, so not much time for tweaking! Although I have just installed new speaker cables under the floor.
Soon I will try turning off all other circuits in the house. If that doesn’t work (and I doubt it will) I guess I could try a DC blocker, or maybe get my mains supply tested. If that doesn’t work I will talk to my dealer. I noticed that all 3 boxes hum. The 250 at a lower frequency that the 333 and 332.

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282/300 might be just right for you and 300’s seem to be available at great prices at the moment.

Is the sub a factor? I don’t have experience of your model but I recently heard a system with a sub that made the bass, to my ears at least, rather slow and dull. Not lacking in depth or impact but certainly trading quantity for quality. I note you want more ‘punch’.

Just a thought. Maybe try fiddling with the settings. Counter-intuitive perhaps but easy to try.

I am basically in agreement that you’ll need a better power amp, but most source upgrades in my systems have yielded better bass quality. A stepwise demo approach beckons…


no, its your Dynaudio Contour 20i…

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Ha! I’ll get my coat…


is this thread defying laws of physics? small box, where is the bass? really, where is it?

I agree. The Contour 20i is a bookshelf speaker, with a tweeter and 18 cm medium / woofer.
The bass will be in any case limited, even if you use a Boulder 3060 on it.
The source first approach, then amps, has its limits.

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I have the same setup but with the addition of an ndac which did add what I would call another layer of bass but I run larger PMC speakers which highlighted the improvement perhaps you Dynaudio are just not capable of the level of bass you would like but for me the Ndac definitely brought an improvement, hope this helps.

Maybe your room is big ? Hence the lacking in bass ?

Contour 20s can feel a 4m by 5m room with good bass… maybe your expectation of bass is higher