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Dear all,
Now that we have and expect more new products available, I also look forward to seeing how the used market will evolve, looking to replace my 250DR with a 300DR.
I have a question on the cabling, as it’s not clear enough: can I keep my existing 4DIN-to-XLR SL cable for the (hopefully) future 300DR, if/when that will appear? And only look for another identical one, for the second channel?
I’ve seen SL sets of 2 x 4DIN-to-XLR, market Left and Right, but I guess “regular” ones should also do fine.
Thank you.

The stock cables which come with the 300 are ‘handed’ L & R – see the on-line manual. The 300 is dual-mono, with separate signal inputs.

This question arose a few weeks back and IIRC the answer was you can use 2 x 250-cables, but it’s not recommended to do so.

This legacy thread covers:

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