Nap500 with 552

Nap 500 DR with 552 none DR = decrease in quality compared to 552 DR?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to upgrade the 552 to DR today…

Any 500 Naim audio product in good condition old or new is jaw dropping.
I’d be inclined to change out the 500 dR to none dR myself.



Downgrading? any reasons for this move?

I’d suspect it was written with tongue firmly planted in cheek. That being said, I didn’t notice much difference between NAP500 non-DR and NAP500DR. Either version is a massive step up relative to a pair of NAP153s.


Additional insights?

I would say the 500dr is the star when comparing it too a 500 non dr or the 552dr.
It’s the only one i would have out off them.

It’s your wallet.
Just my opinion

don’t believe it’s a down grade. It’s just different.
I prefer the older Naim signature.
Once again, just my opinion😉

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So you prefer Olive over Classic and Classic over ClassicDR? (Just wondering)

I prefer classic over olive, i find DR has more hifi with less character but more grip compared to olive or classic. I have a very good friend who has a lovely anniversary system (before Naim released it) and it sounds jaw dropping, but yet before it was a full DR system it just didn’t gel for me. What i have found with DR the amps are very good but they need to be matched with other DR components.
Mixing non dr and dr doesn’t work for me.
IMO Best DR box Nap 250DR
Best olive box Nac 52
Best Classic box Nac 552 0r Nap 500 ok both are so very good im torn to pick.
Just my opinion.


My dealer always advised against mixing too,


Thanks guys :roll_eyes:

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Your welcome :hugs:

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Mixing with pre and power only?
Or should a dr source also not be mixed with non dr?
No problem here with nd555 and olives

I’d speculate the amplification more than the source, but that’s pure speculation. People do say that many prefer a non DR 555 on the nDAC though.


For nDAC I would also prefer non dr.
But as my nd555 is my first dr item, I was surprised how good it worked with 90s amplification…

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Each to his own, this isn’t a flame debate about who’s right or wrong, I’m sure naim would love you to buy dR into your olives or classic as they all plug in to each other. It’s about some advice to the OP.
Pls feel free to voice you opinions.nobody is incorrect as all very subjective, I just like what I perceive, I think the sound is good fun music without DR :call_me_hand:
It’s really splitting hairs to tell you the truth, none of it’s awful, well a nap 300 comes close imo but that’s another story :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Interesting idea not to mix👍 I will borrow the new 222 from my dealer in the fall to try it out with my 250DR and XPSDR and compare with my 272a. Will be interesting to hear how it turns out.

I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. You have the same amp setup as me and I love what a 552DR connected to a none DR 500 achieves and I think you do too.

Maybe its different when a none DR 552 is connected to a 500DR but I will never find out or care.

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