NAPSC and NAC202

Is the NAPSC beneficial when a HICAP is already powering NAP200DR?

Yes. It powers the control section and lets the Hicap get on with powering the rest of the preamp.


Probably the cheapest but the most noticeable audio improvement you can do to either the 102 or 202


It’s considered a no-brainer


And, one of the few, perhaps only naim power supplies that does not really need servicing. Except if it fails!

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NAPSC definitely.

Out of interest, how is your existing set if you leave out the ‘HICAP’? ie. NAC202 and NAP200DR only.

Still sounds good with the NAP200DR powering the NAC202 but with the Power Supply it just sounds better - clearer, more detailed and more “musical”. Hard to express in words but even my wife noticed something….


Yes, this.

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Hmm, gonna have to give one a try!

I was using a NAC202 and NAP200DR and added a NAPSC and I have to say that the improvement it made was well worth the additonal cost. I then added a HICAP which again improved the system. I think that the addition of the NAPSC is well worth the money.

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Is that really accurate? Both Darran and Naim include servicing of NAPSC when servicing either 82 or 282

I didn’t say you can’t service a napsc, but it’s far less important than any other naim psu. And when my 282 heads north, so will its napsc. But there’s not much in them. I’d expect the single? capacitor gets changed and a check of the regulated voltage. Simple psus, not much to go wrong, not much to service.

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Interesting, when I had my 282 serviced I also had them service the NAPSC. I think it was an extra $100 or so.

It’s a very basic power supply. Doesn’t need any fancy regulation. Think it just supplys 18v for the non audio bits of a 282 et al. I.e. the juice to drive the volume and balance pots and switch inputs. $100 extra sounds good business!

yes I would say, just keep it out of the way of source, had mine on floor underneath system, also used HCDR with my 202

Mine was sited under my brawn Fraim base. There was just the right amount of clearence for it.

My 202 came with the NAPSC when I bought it - I really can hardly tell difference in sound with it in or out… Unless it’s super cheap I’d put the money into upgrading something else. To buy a NAPSC is $1300 dollars here which would be the difference between a Rega P6 and P8… If you are totally happy with every other element of the system then go for it otherwise my advice would be to put the fund elsewhere.


Yeah, when you don’t hear a difference best to use the cash for something that does make a difference to you.

I started with a 202 and it came with a NAPSC when I bought it used. I never bothered to try listening to it without. There was no point to that for me. :slight_smile:

I attended a Naim weekend at a dealer. They did a dem without the NAPSC and then added it in. I’d never consider without.

I’ve run a 102 with and without a NAPSC. I can’t say I noticed its addition to the 102, but certainly noticed its absence when I borrowed it to power a Headline.

OTOH, I think a NAPSC (olive or black) does a pretty fair job powering my Headlines (olive or black).Not much difference between NAPSC and an olive Hicap in that context. Apart from the lack of on/off switch!